The Hunter of Stories, latest book by Eduardo Galeano.

The Majfud family had been cornered by the Uruguayan military dictatorship, having suffered prison, torture, and humiliation, and having been stripped of everything they had.

One morning, the boys were playing in an old cart when a shot rang out. They were far away, but the shot went through the Tacuarembó fields, and so they knew, who knew how, who knew for what, that the boom came from aunt Marta’s bed, the most beloved one.​

Since that morning, Nolo, the oldest of the younger boys of the family, asks and asks himself:

-Why are we born if we have to die?

Jorge, the older brother, tries to help him.

He looks for an answer.

The years keep passing, just as trees pass by a train window; and Jorge keeps looking for an answer.

The Hunter of Stories by Eduardo Galeano, Ed. SigloXXI, 2016.​