Schermata_20160503_alle_115715It seems like an easy enough task: Have great style, translate that style into clothes, and then become a famed international fashion designer. But is it really so easy? Not really, you need also to have a vision and Celine Bolton has it.

I do not get inspired by a hair sitting on my place or the architecture of a building, I look at fabric, feathers at the accessory market and right away want to sketch a new dress, make it bigger and better. It needs to be unique different but always beautiful. I am not an eccentric person

She was born and raised in the north of France where she studied and received her business degree.  Soon after, she moved to the United States. In 2012 she set-sailed to Shanghai and quickly started working on starting her dream of creating dresses for private customers. She is still offering a made to order service, but just released her first “Black Collection” of evening dresses and in preparation of her “White collection” with her own label, Be Celine b..

“I had a very lonely childhood – said the fashion designer – since my siblings were much older than me. So I did a lot of pretend play, drew and painted a lot, made dresses for my Barbie dolls out of my mom skirt linings… With glue”.

Schermata_20160503_alle_115557Be Celine b. is not just a label, it’s a mix of classic femininity elevated with modern touches, minimalist designs and unique accessories. The brand specializes in wide range of eveningwear, from formal gowns to evening dresses for all the women.

Her creations feature a range of styles made with high quality stretch fabric. She is interested in alternatives that meet every luxury consumer’s needs. “My primary goal – Celine affirmed – is to make women feel and look beautiful, confident, and empowered. The day of their event, I wait anxiously for their feedback and pictures”. Each of the designs express different moods, from fun, outgoing mini dress to old Hollywood red carpet dress. She is inspired by stylist like Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Zac Posen and Prabal Gurung.

What does being ’stylish’ mean to you? “A stylish person is someone who paid attention to all the details, she knows how to combine colors with her clothes, choose methodically her make up, hair and finally her accessories whether she is going on a casual business meeting or a cocktail event. Nothing is left behind”.

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