Radhika Khanna

The most powerful works of fiction, and the most compelling stories, culminate in what Joseph Campbell called bringing together “the two worlds.”  Our own narratives are most powerful when they bring together two realities, as well.  That is the journey of Founder of Estilo Inc, established in 2005, you can find in billion dollar chain stores of TJX companies, Radhika Khanna who is also an author of two yoga books.  She has been in the fashion industry since the age of 17. Her brand is known for low pricing and fashion forward styles.

Her deeply applicable concepts gleaned through her own life working in a fast-paced job that nearly killed her.  After she was diagnosed with thrombosis, a clot related to long hours in the office spread to her lungs and nearly ended her life.

Radhika Khanna

She decided enough was enough, and began travelling throughout the world, living for years among yogis. ”  In today’s frenetic, fast-paced world, yoga has proven to be an effective method of treating stress, promoting longevity and good health, and increasing flexibility.  This straightforward, simple-to-implement work targets a widely diverse niche of hard-working professionals interested in applying lessons from yoga to their own busy lives. That this market segment is profitable is clear– recent estimates put the yoga industry’s revenues at $27 billion a year and growing. Khanna promotes yoga for free, she is grateful to God to be back in business of fashion.

Here are the most powerful lessons, which we can learn to live a healthy, successful life.

#Live without fear

The biggest disease is fear. Whatever makes you fearful, block it.

#Live for your self

The best friend you have is you. Love your self , only then you can truly love   others unconditionally.

#Take risks

Life is too short, take calculated risks. Save a little for the rainy day and the rest  can be played upon.


Its all about relations in the end. Networking is the key to any successful business.

#feed your passion

Do what you love.

#Be true to yourself

Whatever you do should make you happy in the end. Being true to your passion is the key.

For more information you can visit the site : www.radhikakhanna.com