Daniel Esterly, founder of Revive Sciences, LLC, has a a bit of an oxymoronic background. He received his Master of Science in Professional Counseling in 2013 and went on to obtain doctoral studies from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. On top of those accomplishments, he is presently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration.

He did all this while also being an alcoholic.

Fortunately though, he has conquered his addiction and is now passionately putting all his energy into Revive Sciences.

Integrating experience, holistic approach
Esterly has professionally worked with and encountered many people who suffer from psychological problems like depression, health issues and addictions. He has firsthand worked with many people who are on psychiatric medications, often many at a time. He has seen the toll that prolonged pharmaceuticals can take on someone’s health, mind and body. Esterly also noticed a deficit in the way these people were treated: medications prescribed or therapies done often target a single aspect for that person’s well-being. While he understood allopathic medications are often necessary and helpful, it seemed the approach of treatments were far too narrow to truly help that person regain their wellbeing and health.

So, when dealing with his own addiction, he took a different approach. “I wanted to address my problem as holistically as possible, because if you don’t, you just run around putting out fires.” Part of his regime to giving the ax to alcohol was living as naturally as possible. He used vitamin supplements like vitamin B to help detoxify his body and optimize it’s functioning and he began taking melatonin to re-regulate his sleep. The healthier he got, the less he even wanted alcohol and he started to understand even more the value of “nutraceuticals.” As he puts it, “We are a living ecosystem,” so it’s important that we holistically approach reviving health in our lives.

Revive Sciences: A labor of love and lessons learned
It was during a house arrest due to a past alcohol related incident that Esterly conceived of Revive Sciences. Suddenly all of his professional, educational and personal experiences came to a pinnacle and he wholeheartedly launched into researching quality products that can help people get their health back on track in a holistic manner.

If you ever have the chance to talk with Esterly yourself, his passion for this business will immediately become apparent. Because he himself suffered and struggled with his own health, he has empathy for people in similar situations. This is partly what makes his company unique: he has created this business both out of expertise and sincerity. He wants his company to be another ray in the beacon of light leading to a healthier life, backed by science, mind you. It’s critical to him that he doesn’t sell products or propagate information that is just trendy. His goal is to sell products that “science approves.”

There are a lot of avenues one can take when searching out products to assist your wellbeing; particularly for someone suffering from a more severe condition, hunting for the individual answer(s) to one’s well-being amongst almost limitless options and opinions can very quickly become over-whelming. But Esterly hopes he can reduce some of that burden for some people by hand-selecting the best he can find. He knows there is a lot of value in Eastern medicine like Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine or traditional knowledge from tribes in the Amazon. Western society has barely begun to scratch the surface of that, but Esterly is too digging, and he wants to share what he finds.

At the same time, he wants Revive Sciences to be for everyone, not just for those with ails. Anyone who wants to improve and pinnacle-ize their health, beauty or fitness will find something they can use. That’s why he’s carrying products like Hemp proteins to help beeflessly beef up your bod, or an awesome and safe, personal-use Laser Hair Remover that is practically clinical grade. (Santa, yes please!)

What’s with the name?
Because of his scholarly background, Esterly knows the importance of sound scientific research to base our ideas and even consumption and businesses of. His products are not strictly allopathic and could be categorized as “alternative,” but he knows these products are effective because of the body of research that is mounting to support them. He has seen the power of supplements, natural therapies, and alternative medicine have; he has also experienced the power firsthand. The name of his company to encapsulates his belief that, “We can revitalize our health effectively and holistically with the aid of science.”

Quality control: GMO free, organic, and eco-friendly
What good is a health product really if it contains pesticides, harmful chemicals or is detrimental to our environment? Exactly Esterly’s thoughts and this is why he scrutinizes his products to ensure they are of the upmost quality with a solid research backing. He ensures all consumable products are GMO free, 100% organic, and eco-friendly. And as for the icing on the cake, the majority are made in the good ‘ol USA!

What are some products he’s excited about?
Esterly wants to cover all the bases. That’s why he’s carrying products to restore one’s neuro functioning, enhance one’s derma health and appearance, and improve one’s fitness level. He is so serious about distributing quality products, he treats himself as his personal guinea pig and tests many of these products himself to make sure they are of the caliber he wants.

Neuro- reverse poor mental habits and enhance your cognition
Medical marijuana. Now here’s a controversial topic! Well, Esterly himself knows that cannabis for medical use is very promising, so he is offering products that are marijuana; but, he is doing this while bypassing the controversy.

In 2012, Esterly began researching medical cannabis, investing in companies working with cannabis for medical purposes and campaigned for its legalization. Because of its status at the time, he was investing in companies that were legal by the state of Colorado, but illegal in the eyes of the federal government. It was tricky.

During that time, Esterly was introduced to the cannabis component CBD. “It’s really interesting,” he says and I can hear the excitement in his voice, “It’s the medical component of cannabis, where THC is what gets you ‘high.’” He didn’t use CBD at the time of breaking away from alcohol because it was very hard to get on the east coast, but he had a friend who suffered from severe depression for years who went out to the west coast (where it was attainable), who did try it. And, it worked.

“Maybe it’s the sunshine on the west coast,” he laughs, but with the aid of CBD, in a matter of months, his friend was able to get off of the 5 pharmaceutical drugs he was on and maintain a healthy state of being for the past six years and running. CBD is now being used to treat a huge array of conditions from liver disease to Autism. It is derived from the hemp plant which is typically used in industry to make fiber based products (paper, cloth, rope, et cetera), not from the cannabis variety that is smoked and used to get ‘high.’ And the great thing is, CBD is legal in all 50 states; if you take CBD, you will still pass a drug test!

He is stocking CBD in both vaporizer form and oil drops that are to be taken under the tongue. However, he would personally promote the oil over the vaporizer because vaporizer technology is quite new. Both forms come in the same doses: 150, 300, 600, and 1000mgs. One thousand mgs is the most medical grade CBD dosage that is on the market.

In addition to CBD, Esterly is stocking many supplements and vitamins for neuro health. One product that he is quite excited about is It is a very powerful stress reducer that is designed to promote mental wellbeing by addressing the nervous system. It is packed with a party of beneficial vitamins combined to maximize your body’s absorption, including several vitamin Bs, 5-HTP, GABA, Valerian root, St. Johnswort Extract and a whole other host natural ingredients that are your brain and body’s friends.

Fitness- fuel your body and detoxify it to reach your goals
Anyone interested in improving their body’s full potential will attain superior help with Revive Science fitness line. Esterly is eager to brand some products he most believes in, like the Hemped Up protein powder which not only helps you bulk up, but detoxifies your body at the same time! Feel at ease knowing you are truely drinking to your health!

Another worthy product available through Revive Sciences is USN Hyper Cut Lipo Xt. This is a multi-phase thermogenic metabolism enhancer that can support your body to burn fat and lose excess weight. Many of the ingredients are derived from plants that have been used traditionally for health benefits for thousands of years and are now holding true against the test of science. These tablets are potent, fast-acting, and have long-lasting thermogenic action. And again, made in the USA!

Derma- give your largest organ some TLC
Remember when I said he is testing products out on himself to ensure their quality? Well, one of his latest investigations included trying out the MLA Derma Device to remove hair from his upper thigh. Esterly was very comfortable with all his body hair, but he isn’t willing to sell any products he isn’t sure of, so the experiments continue!

So far, he is impressed with the effectiveness, safety and versatility of this device. Esterly will be the first to tell you, “It isn’t exactly painless. Actually, it hurt somewhat, but was tolerable…I may be a wimp because I’m a guy; I’ve never waxed or anything!”  If it is more tolerable than waxing, I think we are in the clear. This is a state-of-the-art, nearly clinical grade laser hair remover, acne clearer, and all around skin rejuvenator in 7-9 treatments once a week. It’s about the size of a blow dryer and comes with three detachable heads, each specifically performing aforementioned functions. With this device, you can get professional results for literally a fraction of the cost, all in the privacy of your home and done at your convenience.

So, where do we go to find his products?
All of Revive Science’s products will be available to you through his website. You can purchase any of his products via PayPal, visa and mastercard. Additionally, he will be expanding into other venues you like Amazon and eBay.  . Even if you don’t want to buy anything, just check out his website or track him on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and pretty soon Instagram to read information he puts out about what the latest research on the brain, the body, and our health.

And, if you’re so inclined, feel free to personally reach out to him by shooting an email to [email protected].

Press release by Zoe Quinn