Screen_Shot_20160501_at_190122To be or not to be is the best phrase in the digital marketing world where everyone thinks they are the latest expert. With so many big pretenders out there it’s a privilege to meet a very humble young lady that has lead 27 staff ran 3 story offices and managed over 70 clients within 5 years winning multiple awards for client results and retention. Her name is Sian Gunney she is a guest lecturer and keynote speaker on social media. Sian now runs a boutique digital marketing consultancy. Allowing clients to work directly with her on big projects. Digital marketing is changing the world as we know it from instagram influencing the way we eat and twitter the way we get breaking news.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”  John F. Kennedy

Rumour has it that digital marketing leading expert Sian Gunney is being head hunted stateside.
She has already sparked rumours about a turning point and new start. Her real time a demonstration of what she has always called “The Peacock Effect” gained her standing ovations at her social media talks. Sian has worked with some of the biggest global brands such as Fujitsu, Lloyds, Helena Rubinstein, Skinade, Vogue, Dominos Pizza, Nike and Fujitsu. Also representing many millionaire and billionaire businessmen and women as well as some celebrities we all know.

Screen_Shot_20160501_at_185910Sian’s business integrity has gained her an impeccable reputation for detail orientated brand management and consultancy. Sian pulls in a team of the leading experts to work on each client via her boutique consultancy. Sian is developing a unique social media management system much in demand from investors and multinational information technology corporations. All we know is that Sian is flying out to America in June 2016 spending time in Boston, New York and LA.

Looking to come on-board agency side to develop new and innovative digital marketing programs to deepen client relationship, acquire new clients and look at client retention plans.

Her very unique approach to creative social media management has opened up many avenues. Particularly with agencies representing the biggest brands wanting to explore maximum return on influence and engagement organically. Sian’s testimonials on her case studies range from comments like, she has the “midas touch”,“With that woman beside you anything is possible” to “Sian makes things happen!”

Screen_Shot_20160501_at_185900We look forward to Sian challenging the face of social media and bringing her unique flare to projects here. From experiential marketing to digital marketing we have a feeling that something monumental is about to happen and we hope it’s in New York.

No matter what level you work at … Making a career change can be intimidating, to say the least. At times, it can feel downright impossible. So we know a big relocation like this will bring with it lots of challenges as well as lots of excitement. Here at the New York journal we would like to wish Sian Gunney the very best!

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