AI-Driven Personalization: Wetime Transforms Travel Planning Experience

REDWOOD CITY, CA, March 23, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Wetime, a Belgian startup at the cutting edge of travel technology, is poised to transform the industry with its advanced AI-driven platform. Demonstrating a 30% higher conversion rate compared to conventional tools, Wetime’s approach to personalizing travel plans has shown significant promise in early implementations. As Wetime seeks its first round of investment at the prestigious Startup Grind Global 2024 and Collision Growth Summit, the focus is on showcasing its unique technology and expanding its network within the travel and tech ecosystems.

A New Standard in Travel Planning
Built from the ground up, Wetime’s AI platform has evolved from initial concepts in excel sheets to a sophisticated system powered by TensorFlow. Unlike general AI solutions that offer broad recommendations, Wetime’s AI delves deep into the intricacies of travel planning, understanding the dynamic interplay between travel groups, budgets, activities, dining, and accommodation preferences. This depth of understanding ensures travelers are presented with tailored options that resonate with their specific desires and needs, vastly improving the end-to-end travel experience.

Visionary Insight

Sietse Schelpe, CEO and Co-founder of Wetime, reflects on the inspiration behind the platform: “Seeing the decline in personalized service across the travel industry, from hotels to travel agents, highlighted a gap that Wetime’s AI could fill. Our technology empowers service providers to offer personalized, informed recommendations, elevating the standard of service and enriching the traveler’s experience.”

Data-Driven Innovation
Amidst a sea of new applications leveraging generative AI, Wetime stands out by prioritizing a deep, data-driven understanding of the traveler’s journey. “While generative AI excels in linguistic capabilities, truly personalizing travel experiences requires a nuanced understanding of the traveler’s preferences and context,” Schelpe notes. “Our commitment to owning and controlling every layer of our AI ensures that Wetime can adapt and innovate in ways that others, reliant on generalized solutions, cannot.”

Travel AI in hotels
Wetime has already established key partnerships with industry leaders such as Packet Ship and Vodafone, underscoring the platform’s robust capabilities and the trust it has garnered within the tech and travel sectors. These collaborations not only validate Wetime’s innovative approach to travel planning but also enhance our ability to deliver personalized experiences at scale.

Jan Pieter Gerritsen of Packet Ship praised Wetime’s novel approach, stating, “We see the revolutionary way Wetime is looking at travel. It is a totally different approach than generative AI, and also the way they go so deep in understanding the travelers gives the approach they handle so much value. It is such a nice extra service in Hotel room on the tv’s

Looking Ahead
With the accolade of being invited to represent Belgian innovation on a global stage, Wetime sets its sights on securing strategic investments and partnerships at Startup Grind Global and Collision. The ultimate win for Wetime at these events would be to secure the first investor, expanding its capability to refine and enhance its AI platform further.

About Wetime
Wetime is revolutionizing travel planning with its propritairy AI , designed to deliver personalized travel experiences by understanding and integrating individual preferences and real-time data. Founded on the principle of enhancing the travel industry through technology, Wetime is dedicated to redefining how people explore the world.

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