Launched on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter

NEW YORK, NY, May 31, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — MEMSLUX Inc., a leading technology startup specializing in 3D microstructure manufacturing and optical, display, and lighting products, proudly announced the launch of AwesomePré® on Kickstarter. This groundbreaking book light utilizes the innovative Magic Lighting Plate™ technology to provide unparalleled reading comfort and an immersive experience for book lovers worldwide.

Existing book lights have long been plagued by uneven illumination and eye strain caused by harsh and direct lighting. Cheap lighting plates fail to prevent light leakage and disrupt concentration, while digital devices with glaring screens add to the challenge of reading for extended periods. AwesomePré® sets out to address these issues by introducing a soft and evenly distributed lighting solution that revolutionizes the way we read.

The revolutionary Magic Lighting Plate™ technology lies at the core of AwesomePré®, delivering a unique illumination experience that transforms any object it rests upon. By simply placing AwesomePré® on top of an object, users can personalize their reading environment to perfection, creating a personal oasis of light. This innovative technology provides a “private light” effect, directing the illumination precisely where it is needed most. With its sleek metal bezel acting as a concentrator, AwesomePré® eliminates light leakage, resulting in a distinct “framed light” effect. The light is precisely channeled to illuminate the object underneath, eliminating distractions, and allowing users to immerse themselves fully in their reading material.

Whether in a dimly lit room, on a long flight, or camping under the stars, AwesomePré® delivers an immersive reading experience without disturbing others. The lighting plate’s unique design ensures that the illumination is directed solely towards the book, preventing unnecessary glare, and enabling users to read comfortably in any lighting condition.

In addition to traditional books, AwesomePré® enhances the reading experience on E-readers by providing a comfortable front lighting feature. By gently brightening the contents on the screen, users can enjoy reading in the dark without straining their eyes.

The advanced technology within AwesomePré® ensures that users experience only reflected illumination, measuring between 30 and 40 LUX. Compared to general lighting devices that expose users to intensities between 50 and 100 LUX, AwesomePré® offers a significant reduction in eye strain, optimizing reading comfort.

With adjustable lighting intensity and color temperature ranging from warm to cool, users can effortlessly find the perfect setting that suits their eyes and reading preferences. The sleek and compact design, combined with its high portability, makes AwesomePré® an ideal companion for business trips, vacations, or cozy reading sessions at home.

MEMSLUX Inc. has invested two years in research and development to create a durable, high-performance, and stylish book light that meets the needs of book lovers and frequent travelers. The team at MEMSLUX has listened attentively to user feedback, focusing on enhancing lighting quality, improving concentration, addressing privacy concerns, and providing a portable design.

MEMSLUX Inc., originally founded in May 2017, has established a reputation for its unique and precise 3D microstructures, enabling unparalleled performance in optical, display, and lighting products. With AwesomePré®, MEMSLUX further solidifies its commitment to creating cutting-edge solutions that meet the demands of consumers while contributing to society through core technologies.

You can find AwesomePré® at a discounted price on Kickstarter. For more details, you can check out the campaign page on Kickstarter.

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