A true testament to innovation of measuring tools

SHENZHEN, CHINA, April 27, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Mileseey, the renowned leading brand for intelligent building tools launched its revolutionary measuring instrument—Acegmet DTX10, a 3-in-1 cutting edge intelligent measuring device that combines conventional steel tape measure, digital tape measure and laser measure, upgrading conventional steel & digital tape measure to a completely new level. Featuring unprecedented 0.1mm digital accuracy, an industry-first green laser line extension, and an ultra-long range laser measure for measuring distance to inaccessible points, Acegment DTX10 is truly built for pros who seek to be competitive and efficient on an increasingly fast-paced job site.

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Key features:
Unprecedented accuracy: the tape measure’s patented double calibration code on the blade and photoelectric decoding technology provide unprecedented digital accuracy of up to +/- 0.1mm, way surpassing the market standard of 1/32″. The photoelectric sensor constantly recalibrates every 4″, reducing costly errors and increasing work confidence, resulting in quality work.

Green laser line extension: the industry-first green laser line on the tape measure is a game-changer, providing fast and precise alignment between blade markings and measured points on any object. The laser extends to both sides, enabling indirect measurements when obstacles block the blade’s reach.

Industry-leading blade quality: the Acegmet DTX10 features a durable 5m x 25mm steel blade that can extend up to 2.5m, with metric and imperial units on the front and a rust-resistant nylon coating. The advanced retraction system automatically brakes the blade upon extension without external pressure. Plus, the innovative modular design allows professionals to replace the blade easily with a few screws, without sending it back to the manufacturer for repair, ensuring a long-term use.

Intelligent display: equipped with a 2″ IPS color screen that illuminates measurements with high contrast, wide viewing angles, and accurate colors, the Acegmet DTX10 allows you to read measurements clearly even in low-light conditions. The unique “digital” blade mode displays measurements on a digital blade that appears to come out of the screen, running alongside the realistic blade as it extends.

Incremental measurement: incremental measurements involves no calculations as it allows you to reset the measurement number back to zero simply by a button click when extending the blade to a particular point, reducing measuring errors for measurement of multiple segments.

State-of-the-art laser measure: featuring a cutting-edge laser measure that extends measurement up to 390ft with +/-1/16″ accuracy, the Acegmet DTX10 allows an easy measurement to inaccessible points without moving. Users can easily switch between the tape measure and laser measure for maximum efficiency, solving safety issues on complicated job sites by avoiding repeated ladder climbing.

Calculations from mixed value sources: areas and volumes can be calculated based on mixed values from both tape and laser measures. For example, to measure a door’s area, simply acquire the width with the tape and the height with the laser, and ultimately acquire the area with minimal physical exertions.

Multiple measuring features: offering a total 6 measurement features—single & continuous measurement, area & volume, auto height & horizontal distance, to cater to the different needs of pros, the Acegment DTX10 is perfect for carpentry, house renovation, interior design, exhibition design, outdoor advertising design, home soft furnishing.

Ergonomic grip: boasting an ergonomic handle, the Acegmet DTX10 provides a comfortable and secure grip. Weighing in at just 150g, it minimizes hand strain during prolonged use.

App connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy data transfer to mobile devices. The paired app allows on-site photograph data entry, perfect for builders, engineers, and designers looking to maximize work efficiency by quickly creating plans.

Outstanding battery performance: high-end measuring tool users prioritize battery performance. The DTX 10 boasts a 2600mAh removable and rechargeable li-ion battery pack, providing 5 hours of working time. Users can quickly swap batteries by unscrewing the cover, which is tougher than flip-style compartments.

Mileseey Acegmet DTX 10 laser tape measure is a true testament to innovation, with tape and laser measure perfectly complementing each other. Featuring a green laser line and versatile measuring features, it is truly built for professionals who are looking for the best once-for-all measuring tool.

About us
MILESEEY is a prominent global leader that specializes in manufacturing high-precision metering and sport optics products, with over 15 years of perseverance and ingenuity in the field. Integrating R&D, manufacturing and customer support, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled product quality, knowledge, customer service, and fast shipping to our clients worldwide.

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