TEDxCrenshaw presents Nyleve Henry, a solution based Fashion Tech CEO and Climate Change Activists; raising awareness on zero-carbon purchases and the positive effects it has on climate change.

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — TEDxCrenshaw’s segment featured the astounding Nyleve Henry, a CEO, Climate Change Activist, Supply Chain Expert, Green Business Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer & Tastemaker. Her first question to the crowd was, “How was that credit card you ate last week?”, enthusiastically. She further explains how we consume plastic unknowingly. You can watch her TEDxTalk here where she speaks about the true benefits of zero-carbon purchases.

America can lead the global effort to slow climate change with programs that prioritize Zero Carbon Purchases. Mother Nature has already given us everything we need. It’s up to us to apply our creativity to integrate new consumer products in the market by developing more natural alternatives. Nyleve is doing her part by launching the world’s very first major Fashion Tech Enterprise that is built to largely reduce landfill overstock for suppliers.

“As a Capitalist, I see this as an Infinite opportunity to partner with Mother Nature, build regenerative solutions and amplify resources that help businesses and consumers enjoy the many pleasures of modern day life without destroying the human habitat.” – Nyleve says

Health is the new Wealth, and Green Business ensures the health of the Human species and Mother Nature is just as much of a Key Performance Indicator as Profits. Revenue will not be lost, it will exceed expectations of what our current infrastructure can generate. It may feel slightly inconvenient at first, but the long term benefits are well worth it. Especially if you’re in it for the long haul.

Nyleve is optimistic about collaborating with others that would like to contribute their resources and commitment to this initiative. She is introducing an innovative SaaS ‘Circular Inventory Tracking system’ to make rental operations easier for retailers. Tackling the Fashion Industry first, “Looks For Lease”, located in the heart of Los Angeles. This platform will transform the Fashion Industry as we know it. With much sacrifice, Nyleve has been allotting much of her time and finances to this mission. According to the NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration), if we don’t create a plan to reduce GHG Emissions to stay under 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030, catastrophic natural disasters can happen at a level we haven’t seen, affecting every continent.

“And the thriving businesses of the future will create a system for Zero Carbon Purchases. This is defined as a way for consumers to maximize the lifespan of the product, then provide a responsible way to discard the product when done.” – Nyleve says

Due to our society’s knack for convenience, we normally put a band-aid on social issues without actually solving them. This is where Nyleve comes in. She isn’t coming with opinions, she has hardcore facts with evidence to prove this case. It’s usually the small things that accumulate the biggest change: good and bad. Innovative business solutions are birthed out of necessity. We are in urgent need of ways to replace the toxic habits that have become normalized.

Conscious Consumer: “People who are aware of how their purchases affect the environment and society”.

Don’t let this time to innovate pass you by. I challenge you to start practicing Conscious Consumerism, you could uncover an idea worth Billions and save our legacy. Because the alternative is not looking so good. Join Nyleve today! See her EPK here: https://express.adobe.com/page/jtfSb33wT0RYZ/

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About Nyleve Henry
A Climate Change Activist, Supply Chain Expert, Green Business Entrepreneur & Fashion Tech Designer was a mastermind at the world’s largest Global CFG Company, where she developed strategies that substantially reduced the amount of product getting sent to landfills. This increased profits and also reduced production costs. Nyleve is very hands-on with global issues that deserve our attention. She witnessed that these benefits have a domino effect and positively impact suppliers and those in demand. But “we must prioritize health as much as we prioritize profits,” Nyleve says.

About NyLaurent: http://www.nylaurent.com
Nyleve began NyLaurent as a weekend creative outlet, crafting clothing from non-traditional materials such as old curtains, blankets and tablecloths. Her unique designs gained recognition and were featured in 25 magazines, while also being worn by A-D list celebrities, influencers, and industry professionals. Through her organic success, out of her home living room, Nyleve established NyLaurent as a trendsetting brand that could be trusted during high-profile moments. This journey inspired her to realize the need for more wardrobe rental companies in the fashion industry. You can get custom designs, styling and creative direction for influencers, models and content creators of many kinds.

About Looks For Lease: https://looksforlease.com/
We Created an innovative ‘Circular Inventory Tracking System’ that facilitates the logistics of a dynamic environmentally conscious Wardrobe Rental experience by combining Stylish Size inclusive fashion, an extensive recycling program and perfecting fit through simple body measurement integration. 2 years of Organic Traction for in-person Wardrobe Rental operations built under NyLaurent Showroom prior to scaling into L4L. https://www.instagram.com/nylaurent/

The average consumer is lost in fast fashion, 70% of the closet is worn less than 3 times. Social media is actually accelerating wasteful fast fashion because the average consumer doesn’t want to be seen in the same garment after being photographed in it. These wasteful consumption habits are contributing to 11.3Million tons of textile waste sent to the landfill annually. Fast fashion is made primarily from plastic that never disintegrates.

The L4L ‘Circular Inventory Tracking System’ keeps Wardrobe within a rental infrastructure, maximizing the use of wardrobe to reduce landfill waste and production of excessive goods. We will be the first Wardrobe Rental Company with an extensive in-house Recycling program and proprietary In-house Design strategy using Recycled textiles and deadstock inventory. With 2 years of solid traction (under @NyLaurent Showroom), Designers have been able to make a secondary income renting bespoke fashion on our platform and users get to experience unique wardrobe risk free!

We are ready to scale and can now manage large amounts of inventory with our ‘Circular Inventory Tracking System’ created by our Dynamic Team of Experts (CTO,CEO,CD) to address the $5B Market size for Wardrobe Rental in California and $75B Nationally. This Industry currently has more consumer demand than Companies to Supply due to the lack of technology to manage the circular logistics. Sooo we created it!

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