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DALLAS, TX, February 25, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Art imitates life. Art-ificial Intelligence (ART-I) is here now to aid humans in shaping a future valuing art, family, wellness, and faith. Resolving issues concerning inflation, hunger, debt, health, and environment, require imagination, dedication, and most importantly an open revenue stream that puts dollars in the hands of local ‘Difference Makers’ benefiting the community. Participation as a ‘Difference Maker’ may be the answer to whether your community thrives or dies.

At The Last Responders (TLR), , ‘The Project’ aims to use 24 intellectual properties and ART-I technology to create an AI Trillionaire by 2027. Media Industry leaders Disney, Warner Brothers, and Universal have stated a need for 500 new TV shows by 2025. None of the three intend on creating any new shows. TLR is dedicated to filling this gap by producing 12 movies with 60 versions for international cultural appeal, market inclusion and expansion. These 720 movie versions may generate over $420 billion in real business with $60 billion in ticket sales through our unique strategy to include you in movie scenes.

4 minutes of film may be worth 4 billion in air travel, lodging, dining, and merchandising. Example clips: organizing international putt and chip contest for $1 million in cash and prizes; introducing theater or art studio to a community where it has been absent; or any other acts of selflessness that deserve national and international exposure.

The theme for the first movie is “putting needs of others before self”. Neighbor Jason Van Sickel 5-time Emmy Winning Director and Editor suggests producing a movie about a soccer mom of 2, lover of faith, family, friends, and golf, who is told she has cancer. Neighbor Jimmy Horowitz, songwriter and music producer of 130 albums with artists as Elton John and Rod Stewart along with Don Hale, playwright, offer a musical play ‘Mates’ as a fundraiser for the mother and her family. Together they gather 100+ neighbors and down load a pledge sheet from

Participation is easy and free! We seek individuals across the nation to support our efforts by completing a pledge sheet and building a team. Pledge sheet must be completed and submitted for participation. Information we gather allows investors and sponsors to evaluate where interest lies, where to invest, and where to film. Your team and its creative solutions may be selected to be in the film(s). Purchase of a $10 movie ticket comes with 10 free movie tickets.

If you are interested in supporting new content in entertainment:
1. Go to The Project, download a pledge sheet, and form a team. Do not collect or send any money at this time.
2. Mail a signed and dated copy to Patrice Molinarolo P.O. Box 133, Muddy, IL 62965.
3. Contact: Jason, Jimmy, Don, Patrice, or Ron – [email protected] text before calling 618-579-3608 M-Th 9-10 AM or 1:30-2:30 PM CST

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