The disciples did not understand any of this. Its meaning was hidden from them, and they did not know what he was talking about. Luke 18:34

ny3Many years ago I was walking in a street with couple of friends in city of Istanbul to attend a celebration.  Police was announcing that traffic was very heavy and one of the police officers ordered to a driver to go in a specific lane, and the driver shook her head and pointed for she wanted to go in a different lane. The infuriated police officer said, “Please! Lady, move from this lane, Trust me in this, this is my job and I know what my duty is”. She finally listened and then got what police officer was asking. Police officer had a large picture of how traffic flows, however the woman driver was absolutely focused on where she wanted to go.

Jesus had just foreseen his death. Disciples were not able to understand why Jesus would die, yet. They were merely times away from His crucifixion but it was hard to believe and understand because things had been going well for them. After three years disciples were still trying to figure Him out! It was almost as if they were thinking, “You really don’t know what you’re talking about!”

We all find ourselves in similar situations, trying to understand what is happening in our lives why is it happening to us. It might be hard to understand things while it is happening but, we must keep it in our mind that, we may not have a clue of what Jesus got to do for our lives. We are vulnerable to think that maybe He doesn’t know what He’s doing. We get tunnel vision and lose sight of the bigger picture, because we are not able to understand what God’s vision is for us, what God is thinking for us.

n1What is the bigger picture, you may ask? Don’t forget that; God has started a big plan for us. He always works for our salvation. He details and fashions us into a something bigger and greater. We may never be able to see it clearly, but there are still things God wants to do in us. God wants us to trust Him.

Dr. Daniel James Grace

Book of Biblical Inspirational


Here are the quotes from Dr. Daniel James Grace

“Have the courage to make the change, the strength to see you through it, and faith that everything will turn out for the best”

“Blessings show up in many different forms. Don’t ever second guess God’s reasoning”

“Have faith that God is working. Have patience that God will act when the time is right. Have trust that everything will be okay.”