NYC BASED Startup, ZIDE, an On Demand Personal Car Care Driver Service, releases a new iPhone & Android app for Car Care Pick-up and Drop Off needs in NYC.

Zide App Banner

Taking care of your car is near impossible when you lead a busy life with a hectic schedule offers a much needed time saving service for busy people. What will you do with the time ZIDE saves you?

Screen_Shot_20160610_at_10303_AMTime has an infinite value, and you shouldn’t have to spend your valuable time attending to carwashes, oil changes or minor repair work. Let ZIDE handle your car care driving and management needs and win back a few hours a month to do what you really want to do with it.

In a statement by the startup, (Rob Greenleaf, Co Founder), said, “ZIDE provides you with an on demand driver for your car and all of your car care needs. At ZIDE we will pick-up your car, have it serviced for you and then return your car to your desired location.”

Screen_Shot_20160610_at_10257_AMHe says further, “We are particularly thrilled that our customers can now always have their cars in the very best condition, ready to go, and in tip top shape. Owning a car comes with some much baggage as it is… why should car care be yet another thing you should spend your valuable time on when a perfectly qualified ZIDE Driver can provide you with the car care services needed. provides On Demand Car Care, 24/7. ZIDE Your Ride today and go spend those 2 hours we saved you have ever you want. ZIDE = FREEDOM from your car care responsibilities. ZIDE is available on the Google Play Store and in the Apple Store.

Contact Person: Rob Greenleaf