Cher Gopman, the renowned dating coach and wing-woman announce its wide array of services and date coaching all over the world. NYC Wing woman and date coach offer loads of services that provides singles the much-needed techniques to help find love and their dream spouse. Recently we got opportunity to interview Cher about she has helped number of men and women across NYC to find their perfect match.

Q: Who Is the NYC Wing Woman?

Cher Gopman: HI! My name is Cher Gopman, and I am the NYC Wingwoman! I am in my 20’s and have been married for three years. I started my career as a wing woman to all my friends and family, and have helped so many people I love find their match. Eventually, I realized that there are still many more people out there looking for love, and decided to start my own company so I can help!

Q: Why did you start this company?

Cher Gopman: I started this company because I was tired of seeing people make silly mistakes when it comes to finding and retaining love! I was always the go to for dating advice amongst my friends and even acted as their personal wing woman. After many successful dates and relationships were built under my guidance and assistance, I decided to open up a business helping others find and retain love in the big apple!

Q: As a date coach what do you do?

Cher Gopman: As a dating coach, I teach men and women how to flirt, how to understand body language and eye contact, what to look for in a potential partner, and how to show your best you! I also get down to the nitty gritty and go over what they are doing wrong, and what they need to improve on when it comes to attracting a potential match! Sometimes its hard to see what you might be doing wrong in a relationship, and I give a nonjudgmental approach to help you take a step back and look at the big picture. I like to focus on what works for each individual client, and help them to avoid the same mistakes they tend to make over and over.

Q: What do you do as a wing woman?

Cher Gopman: As a wing woman I go out to social settings with my clients and act as their “best friend” yet secret Wingwoman! Men love this service, because conversations between a woman and another woman are easier to initiate than between a man and a woman. As a wing woman, I start up the conversation between the potential partners and my client and once the conversation is going well, I work to entertain groups of friends allowing for my clients to speak at ease with the person they’re interested in. I also draw attention to my client, making him look like a star!

Working as the secret wingwoman for a female client is also a a fantastic service because I go out with my client and help her find quality matches and put all the positive spotlight on her! Once the client has met a potential match, I slip into the background or entertain the his/her friends so that my clients can speak comfortably without being rushed. I also always keep an eye out for my client, making sure she is safe and happy. I am the best friend that you do NOT have to entertain or worry about, and I will work my hardest to make this night all about YOU!

“Seeing is believing”, how do you use this quote?

I offer a service called “Real-Time feedback”. This is one of my favorite services because it allows for my clients to truly learn what they are doing right/wrong when it comes to dating and attracting a potential match. I take my client to a social setting and observe how they usually attract and hold conversations with other men and women. Then I teach them what works and what does NOT work and how they can improve!NYC wing Woman

Q: As the NYC Wing woman, Do you believe that looks are important?

Cher Gopman: I believe how you carry yourself is important. When looking for a potential match, you want to find someone who takes care of themselves. I started the “Makeover” Service to help my clients build confidence and feel good in their appearance. It is important to feel your best when you are putting yourself out there, that way your potential soul mate will know how great you can be! Having a quality appearance attracts quality people!

Q: Tell us about a success story?

Cher Gopman: I have had many success stories, but one of my favorite was with a girl name Rachel. When I first met her she was very shy. he was a sweet girl and beautiful too, but she didn’t believe she was. She wore clothes half a size to large for her and wore her hair in a tight bun every day. She never had a serious boyfriend and so she realized something needed to change. She contacted the NYC WIngwoman and had three months of coaching sessions. After the coaching she was so much more confident! When she was ready for the next level we did a makeover session for her. I will never forget the look on her face when she looked in the mirror. She cried and thanked me for all I had done for her (something I will never forget!).

I went out with her for her first “Wingwoman Service” and also added Real-Time feedback throughout the night. After her first night she left having met two guys she really hit it off with. Before going on her first date we did a “Mock date” session so that she was very prepared. After the first date she called me up so excited to tell me all the juicy details. She had one more coaching session and went out with him again. I am so proud of Rachel and excited to tell everyone that she is happily engaged to this man! I will always remember this caterpillar turned butterfly through the NYC Wingwoman services!

Q: Why are your services the best in NYC?

Cher Gopman: I really want to see you find love, happiness, and your soulmate. I am truly here to help you and will do everything possible to make that happen. NYC Wing woman is helpful for men and women as I know what women want and what they look for in a man and can teach my clients how to be that person. In contrast to that, NYC Wing woman is ideal for women because unlike many dating coaches, I have been through the dating scene and I am married! I know what works to get the love-interest, and will teach you exactly what you need to do to get yours!!

Q: Why do NYC singles need the NYC Wingwoman?

Cher Gopman: The city is filled with singles, yet it can be a challenging task to find someone to settle down with. I give you all the tips, tactics, and methods that have been proven to work to attract and obtain your perfect match. If you are tired of going to social settings and leaving alone, or if you are tired of going on many dates and ending up nowhere, then it is time to invest in yourself and your love life and contact the NYC Wingwoman today! you can email me on [email protected]  or reach out to me through my website