Leading the valve manufacturing industry, NTGD supplies high-quality valves with superior customer service.

Gillingham, England – Valve manufacturer NTGD Valve Co. Ltd is the leading provider of high-quality industrial valves in the UK, including ball, plug, and globe valves. Founded by a team of engineers with over 30 years of experience in the industrial valve industry, NTGD supplies products that adhere to the latest standards, in line with ANSI, ASME, API, and DIN. The company offers unbeatable customer service, with client satisfaction as their top priority. 

NTGD specializes in a wide range of valve supplies. As a ball valve manufacturer, NTGD’s products are designed with a simple structure and superior sealing performance. Their state-of-the-art ball valves are suitable for general working media in addition to media with severe working conditions, such as oxygen, hydrogen, peroxide, methane, and ethylene. 

NTGD’s plug valves feature a quick-opening straight-through structure and can be integrated into a multi-port pipeline. This plug valve manufacturer delivers three specific product variations: the three-way plug valve, the sleeve plug valve, and the lubricated plug valve. 

Also a globe valve manufacturer, NTGD is developing top-of-the-line valves utilized to restrict the flow of the medium, ideal for occasions that need frequent throttling. Their globe valves are most commonly used in chemical production and come in four unique variants: the angle globe valve, the bellow seal globe valve, the high-pressure globe valve, and the flange globe valve.

Competitive prices and fast delivery options make NTGD the overall top choice in valve manufacturers. Their full range of valves include ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, strainers, plug valves, and butterfly valves in carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless, and alloy materials. The company operates with the premise that client satisfaction is at the forefront of their operation. NTGD can guarantee that all inquiries will get a response within two business days, including a full quote and a datasheet.

Media Contact
Company Name: NTGD Valve Co. Ltd
Contact Person: Bruce Tay
Phone: +44 191 648 99 59
Address:19 King Street
City: Gillingham
State: England ME7 1EO
Country: United Kingdom
Website: https://www.ntgdvalve.com