It’s amazing how the brush on canvas was used before the advent of the camera to keep history alive in painting. How could we have known the people and events of the days of yore without the artists? I keep wondering if, without them, we would have known or seen images of early people we see today. Artists are indeed special people blessed with the power of inner sight to bring knowledge of events to reality on canvas!

In my wondering, I recently stumbled upon the work of an artist, in whom I have come to respect for his rare artistry qualities. His works stand out as he brings together different pieces of artistic tools to write impressive history and imagery, and yet again in modern, understandable presentation, working on different genres to amplify his work of art.


What is more puzzling about this artist is the fact that his entire work is pro bono for art lovers to feed their craving; his works come free to anyone who wants them. Hey, don’t think I am kidding; this artist is out of this world! The artist, Lorberboim Haim’s only passion is expressing himself in his artistic fervor, doing his work, not for the money, but making his marks in the sand of time.

I have been on the internet long enough to know Lorberboim is a rare art personality, and his sites are excellent! I am yet to see a site as gluing as the cinema, visit to confirm. The first impression I have of the website was that it’s rowdy!  It looks old and not in the league of those girly sites if you know what I mean. But the striking thing is that I didn’t want to leave. I found myself spending almost 30 minutes exploring the site without been bored admiring his oil paintings.

I found his works quite intriguing. Like this one, a Soft pastel drawing on paper themed “Square Pillar at an afternoon sun Mor Hin Khau, Issan, Thailand.” You will also love the pair of Pandas dining at blue pail, Chengdu, China. The site is a rarity, and the beauty is that you won’t find annoying adverts or pop-ups to distract your gluing attention on the beautiful works and amazing content.

Lorberboim’s paintings come in different genres crafted on Soft pastel drawing and Oil paintings. He also pursues other art exploits including Photography, Calligraphy, Art, Sculpture, Viterage, Lithographs, Screen prints among other and he exhibits all these for free! You can also visit to see more of his works and learn how he’s able to bring harmony to his artistic creations.


Check his latest virtual art exhibition for more intriguing, spellbinding moment with exotic, high-quality work of art you will feel grateful to Lorberboim for his rare gesture of bringing quality art within your cyberspace. Since my encounter with his works, I have become a regular fan of virtual art exhibition; it’s addicting!

If you love life, adore and respect creativity, you will drink from the ever flowing fountain of artistry knowledge of Lorberboim. He is a complete man of art who creatively expresses himself flawlessly to the admiration of people who have been privileged to come into contact with his work. Before I decided to write this piece, I had visited his site more than 13 times in two days; very addicting!

But let me warn you; Lorberboim is a Hebrew, and you will find the Hebrew writings (may be a translation of his English posts) all over the site; It makes me want to learn the language!

Now explore  and leave me your comment here.