David Senn has been writing music since the age of six years old. His love for music began when his parents owned a very old piano in his home in Sri Lanka where he began practicing and doing his Trinity College and Royal College exams.  His very first instrument was the drums.

After migrating to Australia David’s love for music turned to performance, as he gigged in most of Australia’s finest clubs. He studied jazz at the Victorian College of Music and continued his writing winning all kinds of awards.

4057275_origThis is Latin pop perfectly conveyed, with its exuberant blend of rhythm, percussion, guitar riffs, and a catchy, repeatable chorus that can easily be glued inside one’s ears. The guy also has an unprecedented amount of charisma and passion that his peers cannot contend with.David has now released his self-written Latin Pop Song, entitled“All The Way”. The song was originally composed for the 2014 World Cup, but now David is hoping it will get picked for the Rio Olympics. He is now bursting onto the mainstream music scene with the song in hopes of proving to the world that he is far more than just a sappy crooner with a pretty face.

He may be a songwriter, but his voice and personality shine all on its own too. His ballads are strong and sturdy; his up-tempo songs are full of passion and celebration. It’s hard to choose a definitive David Senn song since each one is rich and subtenant in their own right.

Underneath the somewhat-flamboyant image – as can be seen on the funky “Mysterious”video, is an artist who is filled with an unyielding sense of passion and love. Again, a brief look through his catalog will prove to the world that with dedication, diligence and patience, anything is possible. It becomes clear that David’s discipline and hard work will eventually bring him success.

He is not merely a new sensation from down under, but a presence to be reckoned with for the future. On “All The Way”, David Senn shows soul, integrity, passion, and boundless energy.

Website: http://www.davidsenn.com.au/
Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/davidjsenn
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DavidJSenn/