Our staff at Patriot Warranty would like to offer some quick tips on driving through these conditions in hopes of driving safely all the way through spring.

SIOUX FALLS, SD, December 16, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — With heavy snowfall reducing visibility and fairly slippery road conditions that can last weeks on end, driving in the winter may test even the most skilled of drivers. With COVID-19 cases on the rise it is paramount to practice safety in our everyday routines. Our staff at Patriot Warranty would like to offer some quick tips on driving through these conditions in hopes of driving safely all the way through spring.

Avoid sudden actions or rapid movements while driving. When driving through slippery conditions your tires can lose their grip much more easily. Try driving as smoothly as possible, avoiding rapid movements and sudden actions. These simple actions will keep you in much better control of your vehicle throughout the snowy winter months.

Never pass snow plows! The road ahead of them is likely much more treacherous. Let them do their job and clear the road for you. Overtaking a snow plow can easily put you at risk of sliding as you accelerate to pass them. Secondly, do not follow them too closely. You can wind up with a cracked windshield from pebbles and other debris flying up behind them.

Always clear the snow and ice off of your vehicle before you start driving. Brush the snow off from your vehicles hood, roof, and windows with a soft brush. Your visibility will improve dramatically and other drivers won’t have to dodge clumps of snow that come cascading off of your car as you speed down the highway. Failing to do so is a ticket-able offense in several states, so make a habit in checking before hopping in the car.

Switch to winter grade windshield washer fluid. This type of fluid is specially formulated to stay a fluid even in the coldest of conditions. Slick and snowy roads are most commonly treated with a salt and sand solutions to help provide traction for drivers. This mixture of solutions can lessen your visibility over time when it’s splashed onto your windshield. Consider keeping an extra bottle in your trunk just in case you run out at an inconvenient moment.

Four-wheel drive won’t ensure a safe stopping power. Not everyone realizes that four-wheel drive (and all-wheel drive) provides extra traction only while accelerating. This means there is little-to-no advantage to these systems while braking. Try slowing your car down as smooth as possible to maintain control of your vehicle in these conditions.

Learn how to gain control when your vehicle starts to slide. If the back of your vehicle begins to slide during a turn, gently ease up on the accelerator and turn the steering wheel in the direction your vehicle is sliding. This will help straighten out the vehicle and gain traction. However, if your car is sliding straight ahead when you are attempting to make a turn, keep your wheels straight. Keeping the wheels straight gives your tires a chance to regain the grip, allowing you to gain control of your vehicle and potentially prevent getting in an accident.

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