Moldova is a little known country in Eastern Europe well known for its wine production, a former Soviet Union country that is slowly becoming more and more popular for International traveller looking for something off the beaten track.

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA, January 09, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Get-Locals has set up Moldova-tours, a new tour platform offering local activities in Moldova from popular walking tours to biking tours and many other activities for adults and youngsters. The company is fairly new to tourism though the Co founders Steafan Hendrick and his wife Irina have many years experience in Internet startups, search marketing and offering consumers an outstanding service. Started in 2019 the company has been gearing itself up for the end of the Covid 19 Pandemic and waiting for the borders to open for International tourism. Moldova is a little known country in Eastern Europe well known for its wine production and wine tours in Moldova, a former Soviet Union country that is slowly becoming more and more popular for International traveller looking for something off the beaten track.

“With Moldova becoming increasingly popular to International tourists now has never been a better time to start tour operations in Moldova and offer a whole range of activities”

“Our tours in Moldova will include cycling tours of Chisinau Moldova, walking tours of Chisinau Moldova, guided tours of Moldova to name just a few,” says Stefan Hendrick CEO of Moldova Tours.

So what sets Moldova-tours out from the crowd ? “Moldova-tours does not just offer tours of Moldova, it offers a chance to experience Moldova as a “local” with a local,” says Stefan Hendrick.

Moldova-tours know how important it is to build consumer trust and reputation, all guides are fully licensed with the local authority and are real locals, your not just going to get a guided walking tour in Moldova your going to get the chance to interact with a real local who has lived in Moldova most of their life. Moldova-tours will give you the ultimate “Get local” experience.

Learn more about by visiting the site to see a whole range of guided tours in Moldova. We are a new start up tour company offering not just tours throughout Eastern Europe but “like a local” Experiences with a local. For a full overview of all our tours in Moldova please visit our site.

Opening Eastern Europe to everyone is at the heart of GetLocals. Founded by Stefan Hendrick and Irina Enii, with a defined vision for the future, our founders decided to change the world of travel to Eastern Europe. The result? A platform that gathers the best activities across the Eastern Europe, all in one place.

We create extraordinary tours in Eastern Europe for travelers from all over the world, who want to travel to Eastern Europe, are interested in getting to know Eastern Europe for what it is, through the eyes of the locals.

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