Introducing a 4- in-1 camera with AI-enhanced technology: Conference, demo, document, and webcam all in one!

BURNABY, BC, April 13, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Merconnet Electronics (, a top-tier provider of innovative technology products, operating under Canadian Classroom ( in Canada and Inventive Classroom ( in the USA is excited to announce the start of distribution for two new and highly functional products: the Ipevo Totem 120 and Joyusing V1XS.

“Gone are the days of a document or webcam serving just one purpose,” said the CEO and founder of Merconnet. “Now, with our new products, you can enjoy the convenience of a conference, demo, document, and webcam all in one!”

The Ipevo Totem 120 is a versatile device that combines the functions of a conference camera, demo camera, and document camera in a single innovative product. It is specifically designed to be used at eye level, making it ideal for video conferencing, online product demos, and sharing visual materials such as documents.This product is perfect for educators, business professionals, and remote workers. With its 8-megapixel camera and high-resolution lens, the Ipevo totem 120 can capture documents, books, and even 3D objects with remarkable clarity. The device is also equipped with a built-in microphone and IntelliGo’s AI-enhanced Voice technology. which was trained with over 500 million distinct data and is highly effective in maintaining the natural sound of the human voice while removing noise with high accuracy. As the exclusive distributor of IPEVO, Merconnet proudly offers a variety of products on its website, including another model of document camera – the IPEVO Totem 180.

The Joyusing V1XS is a compact and high-definition document camera that is well-suited for live streaming and video conferencing. Equipped with an 8.0MP sensor, a 12x optical zoom camera, and a built-in 5″ preview screen, the V1XS also features a multifunctional rotary knob. With ultra-smooth video performance of 60 frames per second (fps) at 1080p, the V1XS enables users to stream high-quality images in real-time, allowing for clear and vivid visuals to be displayed on any monitor in a digital interactive classroom.

“We are thrilled to offer these two new products in Canada and the USA,” said Johanna Garcia, CEO of Merconnet. “At Merconnet, we are committed to providing our customers with the latest and most innovative technology products, and we believe that the Ipevo totem 120 and Joyusing V1XS are the perfect addition to our portfolio.”

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the global market for document cameras is expected to grow from $152 million in 2020 to $247 million by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.1% during the forecast period. This growth can be attributed to the increasing adoption of document cameras in the education sector for remote learning and online teaching, as well as in businesses for presentations and collaboration.

Both the Ipevo totem 120 and Joyusing V1XS are available for purchase in the USA and Canada.

About Merconnet:

Merconnet is a leading provider of innovative technology products founded in 1999. The Canadian company operates three different brands – Merconnet, Canadian Classroom for the Canadian market, and Inventive Classrooms for the American market. The company is committed to bringing the latest and most innovative technology products to customers across North America, with a focus on quality, affordability, and customer service. Merconnet has become a trusted name in the technology industry.

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