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LOS ANGELES, CA, November 28, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — GOM & Company specializing in video software development (CEO Lee Byung-ki) made an announcement on November 26th that it has opened a beta service for GOM Meme Maker, web-based software that produces animated GIFs and memes.

‘Meme’ refers to images and animated GIFs created by re-editing resources mostly online with interesting phrases. It is usually used to capture and share images of movies, series or celebrities on the Internet, such as online communities. On social media that produces and consumes information quickly, ‘Meme’ is content that is used in various forms.

GOM Meme Maker‘ is an easy-to use meme generator that makes animated GIFs and memes very easily and is available free of charge without additional installation of software. In addition to Korean, it supports foreign languages such as English and Japanese, etc., as well as various features such as video filters and speed control of our powerful video editor ‘GOM Mix Pro‘. One person who participated in a beta test that was conducted internally said that “It is simple to edit by just entering the file URL address and easy to edit image and video files.”

With GOM Meme Maker, you can create an animated GIF by cutting out the desired part of your video and make a higher quality of it using a variety of video editing features. Also, there is a feature of making animated GIFs with the video you are watching on our video player, GOM Player. The steps to use this feature of GOM Player are as follows.

1. Play your video on GOM Player and click F7.
2. Find the Advanced Capture button and click it.
3. Select Ani GIF at the top, and click the Animation GIF Starts button.

You can utilize an animated GIF created in this way and import it into GOM Meme Maker to re-create your own funny cool memes.

The director of the GOM business headquarter, Kwangsub Kim said that “We prepared new web-based software to get with the times and create and share content ourselves beyond the snack culture of enjoying content easily, and we hope that this easy way to make animated GIFs and edit memes of ‘GOM Meme Maker’ helps spread interesting content.”

Meanwhile, the ‘GOM Meme Maker’ beta service is available free of charge at GOM Lab. (

Company info:
GOM & Company, which becomes the 20th anniversary in 2019, is developing and investing in new media technology such as 360-degree VR, gesture control, etc. and filing patent applications related to the various media. We lead the way as a specialized media company that provides users with a fun and useful technologies through user-centered technologies.

* GOM Software: GOM Meme Maker, GOM Player Plus, GOM Mix pro, GOM Mix Web, GOM Mix, GOM Cam, GOM Audio, GOM Encoder, etc.

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