Get to know more about Agario games

Agario is a great online game that can be played by you during your past time. It is a simple and an easy game that is loved by the present generation. This article would talk about some facts that we are yet to know about Agario game.

Knowing more about Agario

Agario game is a great game that is very simple and user friendly as well. Did you know that while playing the game, if you are suddenly disconnected from the internet, you would be considered as a dead cell and can be eaten by any other cells that are bigger in size than you? You can also pop dead cells by shooting a virus and the cell will thus explode and split into hundreds of cells.


The different kind of modes in Agario game

There are various kinds of modes in Agario. They are party modes, experimental modes, teams’ mode, and FFA mode. You can login to to check out all the different kinds of is a website that is designed by Agario Private Server which helps people play the game faster and smoothly without any kind of latches. The website has modified it so that is more user friendly and have a number of features as well. One of the unique features of is choosing of the nickname. You can choose any nickname, and a skin for the same. The skin and the nickname do not need to be same. It is one of the uniqueness of which you will not find in any other website.

The website has a number of visitors who play the game. There are people from all over the world, including countries like UK, USA, France, Canada, Turkey, Norwegian, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Netherlands and more. Also, the maximum mass of a single cell in Agario is 22,500 and if you go above this size, you cannot combine. You can eat a virus if you are split into 16 cells and thus you can make way for your own cells as well.