Esteemed educator, author, and political commentator, Barbara Taber, Ed.D., unveils the fourth and final installment of her acclaimed Take It Or Leave It mini-series, ‘Cold Civil War’, and another season two surprise.

SUFFOLK, VA, November 09, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — On Election Night 2020, Barbara Taber dropped the much-anticipated fourth and final installment of 2020 Division. In its time, this Take It Or Leave It mini-series event proved to be a much-needed road map to make sense of the chaos that was happening in every direction.

Well, not a whole lot has changed in 2022, and Dr. Taber’s new, four-part mini-series, Cold Civil War, has been managing that reality throughout the last several months. In typical Take It Or Leave It fashion, Cold Civil War has been inching ever closer to the front line where the action is. As usual, this mission—whether Dr. Taber asked for it or not—has landed her right smack in the middle of the action! With all the excitement surrounding this mini-series conclusion, it’s pretty safe to say that Dr. Taber has now caught lightning in a bottle not once, but multiple times.

Just like its 2020 counterpart, Cold Civil War has increasingly moved toward the sociopolitical trenches where the fight for the soul of the nation is mostly unobstructed, raw and immediate, making Barbara Taber arguably part of the story, not merely an observer. Yet, she maintains her characteristic objectivity and common sense like it’s her lifeline. Dr. Taber’s influence is real and immeasurable. Just last week, following the third installment of Cold Civil War, an MSNBC Bill Maher video with the same name appeared on the web, covering much of the same material. There’s a lot of political content out there, so we’ll let you decide whether it was a coincidence or not, but one thing is for certain: Take It Or Leave It is a force to be reckoned with at this point.

“Hopefully, when you watch this episode you’ll feel that energy of being right there in the moment with me,” shares host, Dr. Barbara Taber. “So much is beyond our control, but half the excitement is seeing where the pieces fall as we get closer and closer to the election. Seems we’ve been graced with more than a little bit of movie magic again. Let’s hope that same magic tempers the angry red wave everyone is talking about.”

This final installment of the Cold Civil War series-within-a-series follows its predecessor by barely a week. The energy surrounding this episode has been palpable. Normally, it takes months to produce a single episode of this podumentary, but with all hands on deck and a shared mission to bring this material to life urgently to meet the political moment, this show has leapt to life in a most spectacular fashion. In fact, production of this episode was still going on in earnest even in the minutes—yes, minutes—before its landmark release. Being Election Day, the fourth installment naturally covers the midterm races going on all over America in real time, as well as the issues motivating voters most. Taken altogether, Cold Civil War is another solid win for Dr. Barbara Taber, who’s made a name for herself with her trenchant insight and no-nonsense analysis.

Dr. Taber adds: “No one person is the end-all be-all when it comes to politics and government, and that’s the beauty of democracy. As Americans, we are able to weigh different insights and facts, formulating our own opinions. Sometimes it’s just tough getting the actual facts, so hopefully my show has gone a long way for people in remedying the not-so-new pandemic of bad information. Any time I can help separate the wheat from the chaff, I do just that.”

Following this week’s Cold Civil War (Part 4), Take It Or Leave It will resume its regular season with another exciting surprise for fans. Keep your eye on her official website for the official announcement coming soon.

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