Cardio, aerobic, muscular, pilates, and over 30 workout poses.

ALBANY, NY, May 10, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — KIT SPORTS INC an expert researcher, developer, designer of workout equipment with more than 30 years of experience, announced its launch of “Nymph” on the global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Nymph is a all-in-one exercise equipment that is able to provide every type of workout from muscular, aerobic, core, Pilates and massage.

Nymph is an all-in-one fitness equipment that can perform muscular, cardio, Pilates, stretching, and massaging in one device. It is a home fitness equipment that does not require you to go to the gym/ fitness center or leave your room outdoors which would prevent users from spending excessive time and money.

The main body of the device consists of a handle and an individual foot holder. Users’ workout area can be freely adjusted by adjusting the angle of the handle, and the individual scaffolding can be used to exercise by adjusting the users’ physical balance. In addition, the workout intensity can be adjusted through self-developed high-intensity tubing bands. As the user hangs more/less intensity bands on the device, they can adjust their workout intensity to their liking.

The intensity of exercise can be adjusted according to an individual’s athletic ability, so Nymph would perfectly fit the needs of workout beginners and experts. With 1 unit you can try out over 30 workout poses (Including over 100 workout combinations), self-stretching, and massaging.

With its dimension of 850X450X200mm, it can be stored in tight spaces like underneath a bed or couch. Its noise generated when working out is under 30dB, which is the same noise level of a quiet library. So, users can work out all night long.

To celebrate Nymph’s Indiegogo launch, KIT Sports has announced that they will provide a complimentary knee/hip protection pad for all Super Early Bird Backers.

For more information on the All-In-One Fitness Equipment ‘Nymph’, please visit Nymph’s Indiegogo campaign page.

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