Franklin Madison Advisors to offer some financial planning services free of charge to individuals, families and small businesses affected by measures to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

PITTSBURGH, PA, March 26, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — We stand at the precipice of what could be one of the worst economic recessions in a century. This downturn is, in part, a result of measures to address the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s why we’re here to help. We believe that the coming months are going to be financially challenging for many families and business owners in the Pittsburgh area and indeed across the nation. To be sure, we anticipate the fallout from the coronavirus containment efforts to have a broad and deep effect, impacting businesses in all sectors of the economy.

At Franklin Madison Advisors, our goal during these trying times is to help empower people with practical financial strategies they can use to take care of themselves, their families and their businesses. What’s more, we want to do everything within reason to help people avoid financial traps during the downturn and to be prepared to bounce back financially once the coronavirus threat has passed and the economy is once again on the mend. That’s why we’re offering some of our services free of charge.

Limited Financial Stability Plan
Laid off or anticipating reduced income? Worried about making savings last during the economic downturn? Not sure whether you should tap credit lines now or wait until things get worse? As a trusted financial guide, Franklin Madison Advisors can help you prepare a solid financial plan to address these and other pressing questions during a time of economic upheaval.

We are offering parts of our Financial Stability Plan at no cost to individuals, families and small business owners. This service includes:

• Free one-hour phone or video conference consultation
• Identify one immediate financial need and one need over the next 6-12 months
• Review financial statements to assess current assets, liabilities and cash flows
• Develop strategies that help align assets, liabilities and cash flows with near-term financial needs
• Prepare a mini-financial plan and implementation schedule
• Deliver planning recommendations during an additional one-hour implementation discussion

Our goal during these trying times is to help our neighbors not only financially survive this period of economic and market volatility but empower them to financially thrive once the economy invariably recovers.

Visit us, email us [email protected] or call (412) 204-6711 if we can help you or someone you know prepare to get ahead in life financially.

About Franklin Madison Advisors
Franklin Madison Advisors is a licensed, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At Franklin Madison Advisors, our mission is to help people get ahead financially by providing 1) comprehensive financial planning, 2) investment management and 3) ongoing financial advising services tailored to our clients’ ever-changing needs.

We do this by guiding our clients through a proprietary process to create a custom tailored, personal financial playbook which plainly and clearly articulates an envisioned use for their savings. We then develop financial strategies that help our clients manage cash flows, accumulate needed financial resources and apply best practices to help them distribute their savings in a way that ultimately leads our clients to achieving their long-term financial goals.

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