Purple denotes wisdom and mystery, and the raven haired author doctor of You:The Journey Begins, plays it like a piano. Seen on the red carpet at the South African Music Awards held in Durban on 04 June 2016, Nirvadha Singh, or as her fans know her by DocN, glided gracefully in class and elegance in a unique and chic trendsetting style.

Close sources reveal that she has a subtle style of entering quietly with the crowd, and exiting smoothly after an event. ‘To find her on the red carpet is rare’, our media source states, ‘as DocN once quoted’, “You don’t need a spotlight to be in the limelight. You are your own light.”

Singh’s debut book, You: The Journey Begins, has made a powerful entry into the world of words and has received phenomenal reviews globally. The book is said to be soul nourishing food to help transform the reader from a negative to a positive mindset. Currently available in major stores such as Google Play Books, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Singh is believed to be penning her second book.

A beauty with brilliance, a balanced heart and mind, makes her a winning combination as celebrity of the year.
[Media picture courtesy of BluLotis.]