The after pandemic reopening of theaters and concert stages has been a long-term topic of much discussion and arguments among the theater owners and event organizers.

NEW YORK, NY, March 30, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The after pandemic reopening of theaters and concert stages has been a long-term topic of much discussion and arguments among the theater owners and event organizers. While some still have hopes for the 2021 grand reopening of theaters, others claim that the theatrical industry will see no progress or reopening until the year 2022. There is evidence to both sides of this debate, through which the situation could be analyzed.

Progress in Hollywood:
As movie theaters are reopening, there is a big chance that theatrical events and theater reopening will soon follow. There can be already seen some success within the movie industry, popular releases such as “The Croods: A New Age” and “Tom & Jerry” have set the ideal conditions for Hollywood advances, as both pictures have made over 50 million dollars in the domestic box office, according to Nash Information Services.

It seems like a not bad start for the movie industry since the shutdown of March 2020. Nevertheless, theater reopening is nowhere to be closely seen. While the official date for a full theater reopening is set to be May 30, 2021, there are still some concerns in regards to the validity of this date.

Will the theaters truly reopen?
Some theaters claim to reopen on June 1, because of the risk they are taking gathering large crowds. Sade Lythcott, chief executive of the National Black Theatre, suggested, “It is better to reopen theaters once the safety of our citizens is ensured by the vaccine distribution.” Such a statement is completely true, as the distribution of vaccines takes place in more and more states, the restrictions seem to be weakening.

Nevertheless, can the theaters wait until June 1? Many actors, theater owners, and event organizers are experiencing financial struggles, since the closure of theaters in March of 2020. Some hit musicals have already stated that they won’t return to the big stages, such as “Frozen” and “Mean Girls”.

As of March, New York has already claimed to allow on April 2 for theaters to reopen with the capacity of 100 seats available or one-third of the overall theater capacity. As New York governor Cuomo reports, fast distribution of vaccines will weaken the restrictions for public events, more vaccinated persons will equal more freedom to the public events.

Fast Vaccination:
What contributes to the fast vaccination is President Joe Biden’s initiative to start a national vaccination. The current president Joe Biden has stated that he expects to have the vaccines for all of the adults by the end of this May. If the course of the events will be the way Biden has stated, the reopening on May 30 is most likely to happen.

As if today, there are few theaters open across the nation that exceed the amount of 10,000 seats. Besides, the number of such theaters is limited, thus many theatrical releases have been held back, for box office purposes. For example, big pictures such as “MJ The Musical” and “The Music Man”, have been moved to the fall of this year, closer to 2022. As many are concerned with, the number of people that will attend the events once the theaters are reopened, especially when the maximum number of people that can attend the events will be drastically decreased once the theaters are reopened. For example, currently, in New York, the capacity is limited to 25%, the limitations do vary according to the pandemic statistics of the states. However, there are few hopes, as CDC reports, the number of vaccinated citizens is increasing each day at drastic rates, increasing the probability of those limiting percentages to drop. It could be added that some theaters are being currently used for vaccination purposes, as Broadway League reports, they are willing to open their theaters for vaccination purposes, to take vaccination rates to the next step. By doing so, there could be light at the end of the tunnel for the theater industry, as vaccination could decrease the limitations that are set within different states.

Requirements for event attendees:
There are a few essential requirements as to attending theatrical events once the theaters are reopening on May 30, 2021. As governor of New York Andrew M. Cuomo reports, visitors will be checked for negative tests for COVID19 at the entrance to the theaters, masks will be required for all the visitors along with an appropriate distance between the seats. Such requirements will be seen in all theaters across the United States as the governor reports.

With that said, the complete reopening on May 30 is likely to happen but only to some extent, thus many popular pictures are held back due to box office purposes. Meaning that the theaters are likely to reopen their doors, but much of events will not take place as their box offices and event-organizing strategies will be affected by the harsh set restrictions. In addition, it could be said that the rate at which vaccination takes place within the nation is what directly affects the process of theater and movie industries reopening. The fast vaccination and lower rates of COVID cases across the nation contribute to the rate at which the theaters will reopen, as the government officials will likely lower restrictions.

What do we have to do?
The process of vaccination is essential to secure yourself from COVID19, not only are you ensuring your health but the health of others within your family. Vaccination process is quick, people are allowed to walk in and vaccinate on the go. However, you do need to check with your local vaccination center for schedules. You can check for your local vaccination centers here

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