1. What inspired you to write Drift & Swerve?
I started listening to the instrumental for a few minutes then i started saying a few words but the beat was too slow so I sped it up and the words started to land right on beat and I just let everything else happen.

2. Tell us your top 5 mcs?
Big, Jay-z, Nas, Joe budden , fabooous. My list is alot longer than this but these 5 are the ones that i listened to the most.

3. Why do you feel your music is different from other artist?
I dont feel my music is different from other artist I just know that I make my music based on how I feel which alows me to tell a story the way i want to do it and that may be what separates my music from others.

4. Tell us who Em Soto is:
Em Soto is basically that guy who tries too do any and everything he can possibly do to accomplish his goal. Im the one who thinks of ideas and brings it into existence regardless of obstacles.

DriftNSwerve_Distro5. Do you feel that New York is still the capital of hip hop?
I dont think its the capital in regards to the direction of hip hop any more but from the industry side i do think theres are alot of business deals that take place in the city.

6. At what age did you start listening to hip hop/rap music?
Probably around 9 or 10

7. What can you say has been your struggle as an artist?
Biggest struggle is finding a way to get my music in the right hands and to the right people of can put it in front of a large audience.

8. Do you have a crazy story about how you got here like most other artist?
No crazy story just me being persistent and patient until the right time came along.

9. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
I see my self and my label promoting and pushing other artist as well as tapping into the acting side I.E. Short films, and documentaries.

10. What is your follow up to Drift & Swerve?
I havent chosen which track to use as a follow up to that single yet.