What is the relationship between language and business? In a modern era, business is the primary choice to survive because being entrepreneurship is of course greater, but there is no such true comparison between employee and business owner because the both employee and business owner need each other. If you want to have a great business, have a great skill on language. Why is it so? Well, we all know that good bargaining and promotion come from how you use language. There have been so many linguists that help to make a good copywriting on some big advertisement to attract customers with brilliant language.

They must have such a great skill in picking the right words to attract people with limited time. Besides that skill, being polyglot can boost your business performance too. When you have committed to expanding your business, then try to master a new language. There are many major languages you can try to learn like Chinese as one of the languages that are used most in the world. You can also try to learn Spanish or Portuguese. However, being polyglot will help your business a lot in the development and growth as you one step further to have a great deal with international partners. The question is when you eager to learn a new language, you may want to see how hard it is to learn a new language.

The most successful key when you are going to master a new language is that you need to get used to it. When you have got used to it, you will be easy learning language. The matter of being polyglot in business especially in a startup is actually not a new idea. Pepe Kamel as the man powering innovation in Mexico had mastered more than one languages like he is able to speak, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and French.

The reason why he had mastered that many languages is because of his concern about how to be able to make international deals and really understand the other people in negotiations. The position of Pepe Kamel as the CEO of Metric Impact could have benefitted from his skills as a polyglot, since he has made international negotiations and networking in countries that speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French. “To learn, you need to feel passionate about it so when you get to the past and future tenses of verbs, you don’t feel the need to quit” said Kamel. You don’t need to get stressed out, but you just need to relax and chill and enjoy every lesson when you are trying to master a new language. Get used to the learned language  by reading news, poems, and novels until you feel you can master it.