While looking into your next franchise venture, you might run across the term “franchise consultant.” If you have never seen this term before, you are probably wondering what it means.

ATLANTA, GA, August 21, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to Triton Business Group, the term franchise consultant can be used in one of two ways. The first definition of the term is someone who acts as a consultant and specializes in helping a franchise improve their business practices, ultimately to improve their bottom line. However, this is not the most typical definition of the term.

The second definition of the term franchise consultant is someone who helps a potential franchisee locate the right franchise opportunity. Typically, this type of franchise consultant will help people at both ends of the business transaction. This is the most commonly used definition for the term.

Why Do You Need a Franchise Consultant?

In a market, full of ups and downs in almost every industry, established business owners as well as potential entrepreneurs are looking for certainty and security. A franchise is one of the best opportunities to become a profitable business owner. Having the support and guidance from a business with a proven track record, built-in business model and a typically smaller capital investment than starting from scratch, resulting in faster profits! However, if you are new to the franchise industry, the help of a seasoned franchise consultant could make all the difference in both your profits, your overall experience and future success.

Franchise consultants boast both experience in the franchise industry as well as valuable connections in the financial space. Both traits can be incredibly valuable to your business growth and success. Triton’s work with franchise consultants will assist you in locating the financial resources, franchise opportunities as well as guide you in the decision-making process required to succeed and build wealth with your new franchise business.

Another aspect of a franchise where you might look to a franchise consultant for assistance would be if you are looking to turn your business into a franchise. Sometimes, small business owners turn their business into a franchise to capitalize on their ideas while increasing the amount of business equity in a way that allows the business to grow faster and more efficiently. A franchise consultant can offer you the tools you will need to get started, connect you with good business partners and the contacts you will need to build a successful franchise.

“We have been in the franchise funding industry for over 10 years and have seen the importance of franchisees reciving guidance and help from a qualified franchise consultant or broker,” says La Mancha Sims, managing partner at Triton Business Group in Atlanta, Georgia. “Our experience has allowed us to create an incredible Franchise Advisor Training program that gets consultants up and running within one month.”

How Does a Franchise Consultant Make Money?

Working with a good franchise consultant should not cost you, as the client, any money. Depending on which side of the business transaction the franchise consultant is working, they are paid by the franchisor and the finance company.

If you act as a franchise consultant for the franchisee, you will typically be paid based on performance. When working for the franchisee, a franchise consultant will guide a potential franchisee in deciding which franchise is the best fit for them. They will consider their strengths and interests when considering which franchises to suggest. The goal of the franchise consultant who works for the franchisee is to educate them on a specific franchise. The franchise consultant will then be paid a commission by the franchisor.

If a franchise consultant is working for a franchisor, meaning they are aiding a small business owner in turning their business into a franchise, they typically work on a fee-basis. The franchise consultant will generally help every step of the way – from writing up the original franchise agreements to helping the franchise grow once it is off the ground. The franchisor will pay the franchise consultant and fee for their agreed services. The franchisor can pay the franchise consultant a set percentage of the sales of each franchise as well in such an agreement.

Triton has a great program for anyone, including Veterans and Retirees, who are interested in earning additional income in the Franchise Industry as a franchise consultant. Call 770-249-2357 and ask to speak to one of our Franchise Specialists for more information.

About Triton Business Group
Triton is a fully dedicated business consulting firm that offers multiple fund sourcing solutions to small business owners. With several Franchise Partnership firms working in your area, what distinguishes Triton is its vast experience in the franchise industry with private funding sources and its ability to provide customized services to ensure that our team optimizes our client’s profitability and opportunities for success.

Over the past decade, we have successfully helped hundreds of entrepreneurs buy franchises as well as grow their existing franchise business. The innovative and systematic approach used by Triton has today reduced the amount of paperwork and time required to get funding for any franchise business. Triton knows that business opportunities must be utilized within good time. And it is your time to give your franchise business a serious boost by increasing the size of your business and profits.

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