In a Private Meeting the Delegation for Roma E-Solidus Steering Committee met with the Spanish Export Import SME Delegation of companies in Barcelona today.

The Managing Directors of both the Groups have accepted the Proposal to Start Using ROMA E-Solidus COINS in Spain to encourage New Business and Boost Sales. Majority of the companies in the Group represent the Food, Wine, Plastics, Fashion, Textiles, Leather, and Shoes sector.

According to Roma E-Solidus Steering Committee Director “Roma e-solidus Coins have the opportunity to trade and participate in the 10 major export categories of Spain.”

Spain’s greatest trade is with France, Germany, Italy, and Great Britain. Among the leading exports are machinery; motor vehicles; fruit, wine, food products; and pharmaceuticals.

Spain’s Major imports include machinery and equipment, fuels, chemicals, manufactured goods, foodstuffs, and medical instruments.

Spain’s TOP 10 Exports

  1. Vehicles: US$50.8 billion (17.9% of total exports)
  2. Machines, engines, pumps: $22.6 billion (8%)
  3. Oil: $18.5 billion (6.5%)
  4. Electronic equipment: $16.1 billion (5.7%)
  5. Pharmaceuticals: $11.6 billion (4.1%)
  6. Plastics: $11.1 billion (3.9%)
  7. Fruits, nuts: $9.3 billion (3.3%)
  8. Iron or steel products: $7.3 billion (2.6%)
  9. Iron and steel: $7.1 billion (2.5%)
  10. Clothing (not knit or crochet): $7 billion (2.5%)


According to Roma E-Solidus Steering Committee Director “Roma esolidus Coins will be available for Trade from March 2017, and help boost the sales of the Spainish EXIM SME companies”.


Many of the Spanish EXIM SME companies provide support and sub-contracts to some of the major export companies in Spain. Below is a sample of the major Spanish companies:

  • Telefónica (telecommunications services)
  • Repsol YPF (oil, gas)
  • Ferrovial (other transportation)
  • Abertis (other transportation)
  • Grifols (biotech products)


According to global trade intelligence firm Zepol, the following smaller companies are also examples of Spanish export companies doing Global business and looking for New Business development partners to boost sales and revenues.

  • Nemak Spain (internal combustion engines, vehicle parts and accessories)
  • Repsol (oil)
  • Telefónica (telecommunications equipment)
  • Mahou Sa (malt beer, wine, vodka)


Overall the Acceptance of Roma E-Solidus Coin for Global Business and Trade within the Spanish EXIM SME companies is exciting, and the outlook is very good for the future of Spanish Economy.