“It’s often said the best salespeople are “born – not made.”

ST. PAUL, MN, April 21, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — This may be true for traits such as resilience, assertive, and serious-minded. However, it’s not true for the essential processes and skills associated with effective selling, “they must be learned.”

Our Sales Acumen Survey is designed to help organizations discover a salesperson’s awareness and knowledge of the strategies necessary for sales success at key stages of the sales process using the consultative and relationship-oriented sales model.

Organizations will no longer have to shotgun their approach to providing knowledge and skills training for their sales team. Now, they will have valuable, specific information on the training needs of every salesperson who completes the Sales Acumen Survey.

The Sales Acumen Survey measures those areas of knowledge and skills that can be learned by the salesperson to help him/her achieve sales success. These areas are prospecting, first meeting, probing, presenting, influencing, working through objections, closing, and general sales knowledge.

The Sales Acumen Survey report is unique, as it provides positive feedback regarding the salesperson’s knowledge of each step in the consultative sales process while providing developmental recommendations of books that are specifically targeted to the areas that have been identified for development.

See the Sales Acumen Survey in action with two of your present salespeople. Contact us for your complimentary test drive. Unlimited license pricing is available.

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WHAT WE DO: We offer our clients a SaaS-based assessment platform with 800 validated and predictive assessments used in the selection and development of employees.

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We’ve developed our proprietary Pure Proception2 DISC, Business Motivators, and Sales Acumen Survey for use by our clients.

WHY IT MATTERS: Successful organizations must hire employees who have the competencies and cognitive abilities to perform the job at the highest level. Organizations need to communicate, manage and motivate their employees for long-term success.

Just like your organization goes to great lengths to develop, build and sell quality products or services to your customers, you want to get it right with your most important responsibility, hiring and developing top-performing employees.

ALL ABOUT YOU: Our Maximum Potential services team and our local Authorized Resellers will help you determine the right assessment(s) for your organization. We walk you through each step of your selection process to determine if our assessment(s) will work for your organization.

BOTTOM LINE: You need a partner who understands your industry and most importantly, your organization. Our 35 years of helping organizations improve their employee selection, retention, and performance can help your organization make more informed hiring and employee development decisions. Contact me at [email protected] – 800.416.9570 to schedule your 30-minute demo.

WHO ARE WE: We attribute our 35 years of success in business by providing our validated and predictive SaaS assessment system, along with our reputation for providing exceptional service. Our proven assessments will help you get on the path to hiring top-performing employees quickly.

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