Kansas City, MO, November 16, 2017 –(PR.com)– Kansas City Breweries Company LLC, the supplier of KC LiteTM and KC LagerTM beer has announced plans today to build a major brewery and beverage production complex adjacent to Interstate 435 highway South of Truman road that will serve beverage, grocery and convenience store markets throughout the midwestern states. The planned facility in the Blue Valley Industrial area will repurpose an existing decommissioned Nestlé Carnation plant at Potter Avenue & Manchester Traffic Way with an expandable 60 barrel automated brewing system to begin production with 100,000 barrels (3 million gallons) of beer annually with additional bottling of private label sports energy drinks, sodas, and cider/juice products for beverage, grocery and convenience store markets.

Kansas City Breweries Company LLC chose the Blue Valley Industrial area of Kansas City, Missouri for its convenient highway and rail access, a multi-billion dollar infrastructure legacy of the city’s great industrial facilities-the Armco/GST steel mill and the General Motors Leeds Assembly plant. Both were lost to foreign competition when fair trade laws were not enforced. The Blue Valley Industrial area has already incubated a beverage industry start up, Ripple Glass LLC which has quadrupled its glass bottle recycling business since being founded by Boulevard Brewing Company. Kansas City Breweries Company LLC recognizes that the strategic location of Kansas City in the center of nationwide markets for beverage products is further enhanced by the Blue Valley Industrial area’s availability of industrial real estate for vendors and suppliers to locate servicing facilities for a major beverage production complex and for contract brewing partners to utilize vast adjacent and flexible climate controlled underground warehousing.

All beverage production facility jobs, brand management, finance, and compliance positions for the brewery and beverage production complex will be advertised in the Kansas City community as they become available. Additionally, Kansas City Breweries Company LLC representatives will respond to proposals and meet with all individuals and businesses offering their services and products for the successful completion of this brewery and beverage complex.

About Kansas City Breweries Company LLC

Kansas City Breweries Company LLC was incorporated in 2016 to develop the KC LiteTM, KC LagerTM, and KC MaltTM beer brands created and test marketed by the successor to Kansas City Breweries Company, KCB Distributing, Inc. and to begin large scale beverage manufacturing in Kansas City. Kansas City Breweries Company LLC is oncentrating on creating high growth value propositions for beverage, grocery and convenience store markets. Kansas City Breweries Company LLC’s founding President and CEO Ms. Terri Bricker, with decades of experience in retail point of sale product display recognized that KC LiteTM, KC LagerTM, and KC MaltTM value beer brands are tapping into customer demand by not only being lower priced than the competition, but by offering the regional affinity and identity that is associated with craft eers, but with the familiar favorite tastes of domestic beers customers make a staple in family gatherings, weekend afternoons, and evening relaxation. When seeking to create a corporation to produce and market these brands, Ms. Bricker looked for similar factors that would create a rapid growth and profitability for her corporation. This led Ms. Bricker to discover that the most stable and consistent outlet for her products, large regional grocery and convenience store groups also have untapped hyper growth potential in a retail space that is immune from the online internet competition that is displacing brick and mortar retail outlets.

Ms. Bricker took the unusual and risky steps of sponsoring people active in sporting communities to give visibility to the KC LiteTM, KC LagerTM, and KC MaltTM beer brands outside of liquor stores, bars and night clubs where the products are currently selling and to open conversations in 2017 with consumers and retailers though mutual sponsorships of hunting and fishing shows, Nascar Series racing, and Sprint Car racing venues throughout the midwest. Kansas City Breweries Company LLC discovered that the same choke points and anti-competitive conduct that had worked against the KC LiteTM, KC LagerTM, and KC MaltTM beer brands were also being uantified as dollars lost by retail store managers who had the expertise and the knowledge to compete and win in the retail sales of everything from commodity produce to luxury cosmetics. Conversations with these store professionals quickly revealed that large retailers were already aware they were losing millions of dollars in profit annually from a lack of supply chain competition in beer, cider, and similar light alcoholic beverages.

Ms. Bricker knew that getting Kansas City Breweries Company LLC’s products to the customer at the greatest value, convenience and benefit would have to focus on retail groups and meeting the needs of these same store managers as a reliable consistent supplier. These retail experts also steered her to the other hard cider, flavored malt beverages, private label energy drinks and juices that were in demand that would multiply Kansas City Breweries Company LLC’s attractiveness as a value brand supplier. It is with this direct customer participation that the Nestlé Carnation plant has been selected by Kansas City Breweries Company LLC for repurposing into a new major brewery and beverage production complex.

Contributing Vendors

MSD Craft Beer CO-OP, Midwest States Distributors Craft Beer Co-op is a cooperative association matching micro brewers with distributors committed to getting craft beers to retailers with marketing and business development assistance at costs and scheduling determined by the brewer. MSD Craft Beer CO-OP supports the expansion of beverage bottling and packaging resources for regional craft brewers in the new Kansas City Breweries Corporation facilitating the power to grow production and distribution of their beers. MSD Craft Beer CO-OP, 112 S Vine St., Cherokee, KS 66724, Phone (620) 719-6865.

KCB Distributing, Inc., is the entity that in 2012 revived the city’s largest employer before Prohibition, Kansas City Breweries Company and created the beers KC LiteTM, KC LagerTM, and KC MaltTM. Despite great customer interest and established regional affinity, the new products were blocked from market by a monopolized supply chain, forcing the company’s organization as a distributor to break through to customers with a new value brand. After test marketing of the contract produced beers in Missouri and Kansas confirmed solid growing demand, KCB Distributing transferred the rights to the business name and the use of the KC LiteTM, KC LagerTM, and KC MaltTM intellectual property to Kansas City Breweries Company, LLC in 2016 to build a production facility in Kansas City. KCB Distributing, Inc. is currently licensed to distribute alcoholic beverages in Missouri, Kansas and Iowa.

Supply Chain Management, Samuel Lipari business development consultant and information technology service automating mass marketing and critical just in time distribution.

Kevin Slyster, industrial real estate investor and Blue Valley industrial area property owner.

C&H Auto Recycling, and Blue Valley industrial area property owner.

Interstate Underground, top-rated warehousing, fulfillment and distribution company in the Blue Valley industrial area.

All Packing Company Inc., packaging manufacturing since 1935.

Kansas City Structural Steel, grounded in knowledge and experience, serving Kansas City since 1995.

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