The Glint Drug-Releasing Contact Lens is a Platform Technology for Ocular Therapy

CAMBRIDGE, MA, November 10, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Glint Pharmaceuticals to present its drug releasing contact lens technology at the ophthalmology conference, OIS Israel 2022 in Jerusalem, Israel on November 9-10th. OIS Israel is a leading ophthalmology conference where industry leaders and clinicians meet to present new and innovative technologies and clinical results.

The first Glint product is an antibiotic releasing contact lens. The market for an effective and convenient treatment for cornea infection and injury includes more than 10 million patients in the US and EU. The current standard of care requires the patient to administer antibiotic eye drops on a frequent basis over several days to treat the ocular infection. The Glint lens will eliminate the need for most patients to use the antibiotic eye drops. Replacing the need for patients to apply eye drops will increase compliance and may lead to better therapeutic outcomes.

Glint Pharmaceuticals, a Massachusetts company, is developing proprietary drug delivery technology for the treatment and prevention of ocular infections and diseases. Examples of diseases to be treated include eye infections and corneal abrasions, glaucoma, post-surgical ocular inflammation, allergic conjunctivitis, and dry eye. Over 40 million Americans suffer from ocular surface disease. The patented Glint technology has the potential to increase drug efficacy and improve patient compliance.

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