Copenhagen, Denmark, November 22, 2017 –(– How many gift cards do you have that you either won’t use or have just a small amount of money left on them? What about all of those gift cards that just end up in the bottom of your drawers or your wallet, never to see the light of day? These unused gift cards add up to a lot of money which goes to waste. Centz puts an end to this problem as the world’s first gift card platform that allows everyone to use their gift cards in a flexible way.

Gift cards are the most popular gift giving option and are the most requested gift gifting item nine years in a row, according to the National Retail Federation. Many times people receive gift cards for retailers they don’t frequent, so there are huge amounts of money that go unused. All of those unused balances, called breakage, go straight to the retailer’s pockets, and it makes a significant amount of income for them.

The gift card industry has constructed the system to be inefficient and inflexible for users so they can take back billions of dollars in unspent balances.

With Centz, a user can collect all their gift card balances into one spendable lump-sum amount which can be used for any goods and services.

By inserting all gift cards and digital credits into the Centz digital wallet, balances will be converted into Centz's own universal currency, Centz Gold Bucks (CNTZ). CNTZ can then be used to buy any other goods, services and gift cards, any time. When using the Centz mobile wallet, users will always have their gift cards with them allowing them to fully access the balances without their money going to waste.

Centz, an OpenLedger partner, is built on the blockchain, making the system safe and secure. Centz puts a known identity on each gift card credit that is verified and locket onto the blockchain, eliminating fraud and stopping the retailers from taking breakage, so a user can keep what’s theirs and use it for their own good.

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