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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, December 18, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Extreme Canopy, one of the United States’ most prolific and prodigious manufacturers and retailers of several types of tents, is all set to launch a new line of event tents. Event tents are one of the company’s specialties. Given the lack of much noise on the upcoming line, it can be reasonably assumed that Extreme Canopy is keeping the affair under wraps only to spring a surprise.

The United States is already in the holiday mood as 2021 draws to a close. The year has been pockmarked by the pandemic’s resurgence, vaccinations, lockdowns, and every other element of the ‘New Normal.’ It has not been a great year for many businesses, but the world’s largest economy has rebounded with enthusiasm in the last quarter.

Extreme Canopy is one of the market leaders as far as event tents are concerned. These tents are some of the biggest ones in the market and are used mostly for outdoor events. Some of these tents can seat hundreds of people with room to spare for dining, conferencing, and so on.

They are used by both businesses and individual clients who are planning a large event.

The company’s three leading product ranges in this category are the ‘Pavilion’, the ‘Pinnacle’ and the ‘Crest.’ Of these, the last range is the most exclusive and is often the most-favored as alternatives to the usual venues for weddings, corporate events and the like.

The United States’ glamping market is still growing reasonably well despite the pandemic. By 2024, it is estimated that this market in the US alone will exceed $1 billion. The average growth per year has been pegged at around 15%. The wellness market is set to become the biggest customer of these branded tents.

Glamping is viewed as a step-up from the standard camping experience, and it is one major reason why event tents are in demand. People expect everything from running water to dining areas, dedicated cabins for work, and a whole host of other creature comforts. Add to that the need to maintain social distancing protocols and customized event tents are the only answer.

Glamping as a segment is also growing a lot more rapidly than the overall camping market globally. According to the latest reports, the worldwide camping market will grow by just over 5% between 2021 and 2027. That’s one-third of the growth rate of the glamping sector.

A spokesperson for Extreme Canopy was evasive on the subject but did not deny that expansion plans were on the horizon. “Extreme Canopy is always looking at innovative and budget-friendly solutions to everyday camping demands. Our event tents sell in large numbers each year due to the superior construction and their bespoke nature. We are on a mission to change the way this specific segment is regarded by the average American.”

As more businesses open up, there is always a chance that the company could end up disrupting the market by introducing new models which will have more features at reasonable prices.

Other studies have highlighted how the flourishing market of outdoor restaurants and the enhanced popularity of outdoor dining will soon positively impact the appetite for global portable fabric canopies, under which event tents are categorized. The Berkshire Hathaway-owned BusinessWire Group estimates that by 2024, this market alone will grow by $57 million.

Not everything is going right for the US economy, however. The Omicron threat is looming, having already engulfed several European countries. The latest reports suggest that almost one-third of all the States in the country may have already witnessed cases of Omicron infections, prompting the US Government to impose stricter travel rules.

The situation remains extremely fluid. However, the CDC has stated that it expects the situation to stabilize given the preparations for the booster dose among other measures.

If the markets do well and the travel restrictions are relaxed in the next few months, there is seemingly no stopping Extreme Canopy. Operating out of Sunny California, the company has been very popular across demographics primarily due to its high-quality tents and related equipment.

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