“DOSI Garment Factory has been effective in becoming one of the major sources of filling the Vietnamese Garment Market with high-quality Denim products for numerous brands, exporters and other traders; but now, they are aiming specifically to expanding their manufacturing concerns toward every direction imaginable.”

For seven years, DOSI Garment Factory has been one of the most effective Manufacturing units in Denim jeans garments; but at present, the company has decided to expand the production in terms of both numbers and variations all across the board.

DOSI Garment Factory has long specialized in sewing operations of high-quality jeans for Vietnam’s garment market. They usually take wholesale orders, normally the request of which have been from the domestic market. Still, it would seem that they have been quite busy, and they have effectively brought their experiences to benefit and promulgate a variety of distinct production lines. These include Standard Jeans for men, women, and children, big and small sized jeans, unisex varieties, Khakis for both adults and children, as well as corporate and school uniforms- the last of which is specifically presented for children in grades one through three. Over the years, the application of a high degree of specialization and management has resulted in DOSI Garment Factory becoming one of the most sought-after manufacturing specialists not just for end consumers, but also other garment brands prevalent all across the country.

By all means, the output from the Factory is specifically high-grade since they inculcate everything wanted by the clients on a near consistent basis. Seeking out their services are also extremely cheap, and their wide range of capabilities to satisfy a wide range of client requirements, including for shop brands that are well-known, those who export the garments overseas, and even for Type 1 of An Dong and Tan Binh Markets respectively. Therefore, if there is any need, then you should most definitely keep the option open for what is the best Denim Jeans Garment Factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Their website could be directly accessed with this link – https://xuongmaydosi.com, and you can even find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/xuongmaydosi and on Twitter through https://twitter.com/xuongmaydosi.


DOSI Garment Factory is a truly powerhouse manufacturing unit with immense capabilities and specialization that specifically deals with the provisioning of sewing and other operations involved for high-grade and quality Denim Jeans products. The overwhelming variation in presentation of their essential services represents for a variety of businesses enterprise active in the garment market. But, DOSI Garment Factory actually succeeds in their impeccability, and full focus in ensuring that the order derived is large so that profits derived can be maximum for their essential clients.

Media Contact
Company Name: DOSI Garment Factory
Contact Person: Tran Thuy Lan
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +84907104459
Address: 149/14 Nguyen Duy Cung street ward 12 Go Vap district
City: Ho Chi Minh city 700000
Country: Vietnam
Website: https://xuongmaydosi.com