Brand growth served hot: 21 questions to help tech startups gain clarity, consistency, and a competitive advantage.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, May 31, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Bettermade, a digital-first branding agency dedicated to helping B2B SaaS and tech startups develop digital brands that inspires and motivates people, has announced the launch of “A Well-Intended Brand Roast” (, a free 21-question brand audit quiz. This interactive quiz aims to help businesses identify areas where their brand falls short and offers a personalized report for improvement, which can be used to fine-tune and solidify their brand despite challenging economic times and budget restrictions.

Co-founders Long Truong and Jolene Chang brought together their collective experience across advertising, tech, launching a successful Kickstarter campaign, and building an award-winning bakery to establish their agency. Their goal is to help SaaS companies share human stories that inspire positive change for a better world.

Jolene Chang, Co-founder of Bettermade, said, “Many SaaS companies operate across oceans and time zones, and it’s so easy to lose sight of the big picture amidst all the hustle. Having worked with many SaaS marketing teams, I know that even the most well-planned brand guidelines can’t guarantee the brand to stays on course. That’s where a brand audit comes in – it helps the team realign and ensures the brand equity keeps growing with each marketing move.”

According to the “2021 State of Brand Consistency” report published by Marq, it’s interesting to note that 85% of organizations have brand guidelines, yet only 31% actually enforce them consistently[^1]. The result is off-brand content being produced, which disrupts the customer experience and misses out on opportunities to strengthen and emphasize the brand’s values.

A brand audit is particularly valuable in a tough economic environment. Recent branding statistics indicate that presenting your brand consistently can increase revenue by 23%[^2]. Business owners can stand out from their competition and achieve a higher return on investment when they invest in their brands.

The free brand roast quiz is designed to help businesses experiencing low conversion rates, low marketing ROI, low LTV, high competition, and inconsistent branding efforts. The quiz covers three essential aspects of branding: Brand Backbone, Brand Communications, and Brand Delivery. Covering all aspect from brand strategy, brand identity, execution and brand continuity. It takes approximately 3 minutes to complete and provides instant results with a personalized report, including practical tips for implementing a better brand experience for their target audience.

To take the quiz, users need to provide their name and email address, complete the 21 yes or no questions within the three sections. After completing the quiz, users will receive their brand audit results right away in their browser and inbox, including some tips on how to better their brand.

A Well-Intended Brand Roast is ideal for companies undergoing a shift in strategy, preparing for a rebrand or refresh, experiencing rapid growth, or simply looking to maintain brand consistency and identify areas for improvement. Performing a brand audit annually or bi-annually will help maintain brand consistency and identify areas for improvement, effectively strengthening brand equity.

To take the free brand audit quiz and receive a personalized report, visit

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