Critterfence launches – save your plants, berries and vegetables!

CHESTER, SC, December 03, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Critterfence launches offers fence products to keep deer and other wildlife out of gardens, or to protect shrubs and other plants from damage.

Examples include:
• Garden fences with four sides and a top – These enclosures are used to completely enclose plants for the highest level of protection against all animals, including climbing animals and birds.
• Garden fences with no-climb extenders – These garden fence kits have angled extenders mounted on top of fence posts to deter larger animals like racoons and send them back to the ground. The top of this type of fence kit is open.
• Standard garden fence kits – The most popular garden fence kits have tall sides to exclude deer and can be paired with a smaller opening size rodent barrier, or chew barrier, to exclude small chewing animals. This rodent barrier base overlaps and is pinned to the ground (or buried) to prevent digging animals from entering the garden area.
• The website also offers many different types of garden fencing for different applications. All of their metal garden fencing is engineered for fence to soil contact and can be buried because it’s hot dip galvanized after being made, then PVC coated. There are different opening sizes like 1/4×1/4, 1/2×1/2, 1×1 and 2×2 along with a large offering of polypropylene garden fence designed to exclude deer only.

Critterfence sells their product through directly to end users. Homeowners, contractors, municipalities, organizations and more can purchase their product manufacturer wholesale direct with free shipping. Products listed on their website are in stock and ship within one business day.

Name of Contact: Douglas O’Connor
Phone: 855-921-7900
Email:[email protected]

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