Top DUI attorneys at Perna & Abracht, LLC help clients understand what to expect when their DUI case goes to trial.

KENNETT SQUARE, PA, November 02, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The attorneys at car accident law firm Perna & Abracht, LLC provide top-notch legal representation to clients charged with DUI. Facing these charges can be daunting, so it’s important for clients to understand what to expect if their case goes to trial. After being arrested for a DUI, a defendant attends a preliminary hearing in which a judge decides whether there is enough evidence for the case to move forward. Hiring a top DUI attorney before a preliminary hearing can improve a defendant’s chances of having charges reduced or dismissed.

“No matter what type of charge you’re facing, we believe that everyone deserves competent legal representation,” says attorney Michael R. Perna. “An experienced defense attorney always ensures that his or her client’s rights haven’t been violated during an arrest and carefully assesses whether there could be grounds for dismissal or reduced charges. Our defense attorneys have a deep understanding of Pennsylvania DUI law and work toward the best possible outcomes for our clients.”

If a DUI case moves on, the client will then attend an arraignment at which the charges against him or her are read, and the client can enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. At this stage, good DUI lawyers may be able to negotiate a plea or ask the prosecutor to consider an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program for the client. This program may enable the client to have his or her charges dismissed and expunged when all requirements are completed.

When a DUI case goes to trial, a jury is selected, and the attorneys on each side present opening statements. Both the prosecution and defense have opportunities to present evidence and call and question witnesses. Although defendants are not required to testify, their DUI attorney may encourage and prepare them to do so if they think it will help their case. After closing arguments, the jury deliberates until they reach a unanimous verdict.

If a defendant is found guilty, a judge will determine the sentence and explain potential criminal penalties. Sentencing may be immediate or the defendant may ask the judge for a pre-sentence report which may postpone sentencing for up to 90 days.

Regardless of whether a client decides to take a plea, is eligible for ARD, or goes to trial, the DUI attorneys at Perna & Abracht, LLC act as the client’s staunch advocates throughout the process. 

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