A highly anticipated, undisputed upcoming classic African literature.

YAOUNDÉ, CAMEROON, February 22, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Independent African publisher Pierced Rock Press is pleased to announce a book giveaway of a highly anticipated, undisputed upcoming classic African literature to newspaper outlets, literary magazines, book reviewers, book clubs and bloggers for those interested in conducting reviews, author interviews and book discussions.

In this masterpiece titled ‘Biték, He From Whom Death Ran’, to be published on June 15, Cameroonian political refugee in the Philippines and The Pride of an African Migrant memoir author Massocki Ma Massocki writes the history of his African ancestors by retelling their witness accounts.

The book is a condensed cross-cultural tale of Biték, the author’s grandfather, a man tasked by the divine to save his village from the grasps of its enemy—colonization.

Biték is an expository account of blatant violations and historical aggressions of the European colonization and its religion and laws geared towards eradicating the cultural identity of Biték’s African ancestors.

British Zen Buddhist priest and widely published writer of topics covering Japan, Zen Buddhism and comparative religion Rev. Dr. David Keizan Scott Roshi describes Biték as ‘a unique and fascinating book—wonderful storytelling that grips your attention, together with a razor-sharp deconstruction of the damage inflicted by European colonization.’

The book will be available for pre-order on Amazon no later than March 27. Bookstores, libraries and wholesalers may also pre-order on IngramSpark for a 55% discount and a return policy.

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