Amazon Best Selling Author

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, March 12, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Marcia Wendt is a Business owner, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and now, an International Best-Selling author.

Marcia talks with you not just as a woman, but a ‘Polynesian Woman’ to help you see the possibilities of living the life you deserve. Learn tools to help you overcome your self-doubt. Discover the impact it can make on your life to have the feeling that you are enough. Become your own champion, understand that fear is just an obstacle that stands in the way of your progress and to believe in yourself even when no-one else does. Most importantly to understand that whatever you are searching for, is already inside of you.

In a recent interview on Thriving Entrepreneur Radio show, Marcia said, “I have come across so many people that I have connected with, who I’ve been able to relate to on a personal level because of similar situations that I had gone through in the past and had overcome them. It allowed me to help them understand and teach that whatever they are going through, ‘Storms do not last forever.’ It’s just a trial and all part of their story. I teach them to believe in themselves rather than looking outside of themselves for validation and approval of others. Marcia uses the same tools and insights that worked for her and her family in her new book.

The host of the radio show, Steve Kidd, encourages you to get Marcia’s book, “The power already exists inside of you to be yourself, and to truly thrive in all that you do. It allows you to reflect on your journey and dig deep into your inner soul. Marcia’s book is an amazing toolbox to help you achieve that self-belief. Check out her new book on Amazon today!”

Marcia Wendt is a family woman, mother of two beautiful children, a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and now an International best-selling author of ‘The Power of Self-Belief.’ Marcia shares with you, her breaking through from the Traditional Cultural expectations of her family and her community. She has learned how to stand strong and be an overcomer, without disrespecting or undermining her family or heritage.

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